Alliance Point Sharing

    • no he is not. How do you think you can own a Hideout with 20-25 players in your Guild? This game has thousands of players and about 200 Blackzones, its ridiculous to think that you deserve a Home in the Blackzone where usually there should be +100 players per zone. Then this is a game for PVP, for fights. if that few people are in a zone (otherwise a bigger entity would "own" that zone) there wouldnt be enough people that fight/play there, thankfully there are more people although some zones really feel quite empty.

      Living under your own Rules is perfectly fine but you should not be able to have a Hideout or Terri (maybe live in one of the "Rests" it is very Hard to rely on you if you are not willing to work under the Rules that a bigger Guild has determined for a reason so that they can Field a strong Zerg and successfully Fight for Terris/HO and have fun playing the Game.
      Or you do cooperate with other Guilds, there are Alliances out there that dont require you to merge other than Arch, admittedly very few.

      But people cant have everything, wanting to have access to best Fame, making loads of Silver, having a Home, a Terri and being a small Guild, with all the benefits of that. You of course havent said you want all that, but if you were fine with some real stepdowns you wouldnt have a problem with the current situation. Speaking of that, it is a horrible situation to have huge alliances owning even the shit zones near portal and bringing 100+ players to fight for them. On the other Hand of course this means there is a reason why they choose to bring this many players and still operate in the shitty zones near the Portal. In the End I dont think we should look to the Devs to "fix" this as this is created by players in this Sandbox.. we are responsible and can change it, if of course enough players want to, but they choose that playstyle for a reason.
    • Going back to the original purpose of this post i.e. alliance sharing of season points.

      Is an alliance penalised if the newest member of the alliance joins after the season has already begun?

      Our newest alliance member joined 25th May 9 days into the season.

      Their Season points show as 2745 I assume we only see the points they have earned since being a member of the alliance.
      Guild challenge points equal 4800
      Season ranking points 4892

      This makes their total sharable points -2055
      Obviously this skews the share per guild out of the 2nd 50%
    • You haven't actually answered the Question.

      I am fully aware that Guild Challenge points are not shareable which is why I deduct them from Season points to get the Shareable value

      2745 - 4800 = -2055

      Obviously the shareable is minus because other alliance members do not see the season point accrued before they joined the alliance.

      A Guild keeps 50% of there shareable points.
      The other 50% are split equally between all the guilds in the alliance including your own guild

      So in this particular case we are dealing with negative numbers.
      Or does the game calculate based upon the true season point value that the other alliance members can't see in game.

      The question was:-

      Is an alliance penalised if the newest member of the alliance joins after the season has already begun?
    • So there are three values available in game

      Season points (before sharing)
      Guild challenge points
      Season ranking points (I assume after sharing, this is the one that counts towards bronze, silver etc)

      So as an example my guild has:-

      Season points 6141
      Guild challenge points 5100
      Season ranking points 5241

      To get Shareable points you deduct Guild challenge points from Season points - 1041

      Now I keep 50% of that for my guild 520.5
      The other 50% I get a percentage back plus the same % from each of the other guilds in the alliance shareable points / 2

      But if we forget about that 2nd 50% for now

      I should just add the 5100 guild challenge points to the 1st 50% of the shareable - 5620.5 - round it up to 5621

      Which is already 400 above my actual Season ranking points without taking that 2nd 50% into account.

      So what am I missing?
      Or is it as I suggested in the earlier post the fact that one guild in the alliance has negative shareable points?

      So that 2nd 50% is actually removing points from my Season ranking points total?
    • Sorry I am not following anything you said Eirual. The link I shared takes you to the post where a Dev mentioned that they will be removing Guild Chellange points from the alliance sharing and this is true.

      My guild has been in two different alliances all season. We have done no mage raiding or veteran boss runs so all of our season points have come from Guild challenge.

      My guild is level 19. You make 300 season points every level so thats 18 levels we have earned this season. 300 x 18 = 5,400 points.

      Our current Season ranking is 446 : 5,400 points. If the alliance point sharing system was including guild challenge then we would have less then 5,400 points.
    • Read that post so many times and missed that one line that says they will remove them.

      So confirmed they are removed thank you for highlighting the post that confirmed it.

      Agree totally with everything else you have said.

      I am trying to work out exactly how the sharing works and by my calculations so far I can't get it to work out for our 6 guild alliance.

      My Guilds current season points (before sharing is) 6741
      Guild level is 20 so 300 x 19 = 5700
      Season ranking is 398 : 5862 points

      So it would appear we had 1041 shareable points which we keep 50% of.
      So even that 1st step doesn't add up because we would have 5700 plus 520 which as you can see we don't.