State of 1 hand weapons

    • I am torn on this subject. While I certainly agree some 1h weapons/offhands are hot garbage atm (all shields for example) others I feel are just not being utilized. I still feel 1h frost can be very effective in the current frost meta in place of perma it would just require a more patient team play style. 1h xbow still has a place. I think clarent could work in an AOE focused comp. 1h curse is still strong in solo/2s PvP situations.

      They need to reduce cast time on pyroblast significantly to give fire a shot. 1h spear and axe could use revamps as they are not used anywhere.

      In conclusion I think some of the lack of 1h weapons is composition laziness (everyone focus on quick dive kills currently) but certainly agree there are also some 1h and offhand that need further work.