simplified territory labels on zoomed-out-map please

    • simplified territory labels on zoomed-out-map please

      Right now, the first seven levels of zoom on the big albion map include territories and their labels... but when you zoom out beyond this, the labels disappear.

      This is very disorienting and confusing for me. It's also very annoying to try to "find the magic zoom level" that gives me the widest-view with the labels. I find the map so frustrating to use, that I've resorted to bringing up screen-captured maps on a second monitor instead for many things.

      A small improvement would be a setting to lock the zoom so it would never zoom out beyond the labels, because once the labels disappear the map is almost useless. However, what would make it much much better is to always keep the labels!

      I propose that beyond zoom-level ~7, the map switches to a "simplified" display of territories and labels, that allows it to retain the territory locations and titles... In my drawing below I made the routes straight lines, but they should have some minimal amount of shape to keep them consistent with the zoomed in path contour.

      Personally I would like it to retain the simplified view all the way to the full zoom-out... but I could see an argument for simplifying it further the the full zoom-out, maybe by turning each city into a point instead of diamond, removing the region colors. and making the lines all straight.

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