Pinned Mobile: Planned Improvements

    • CrypticBull wrote:

      Hi, I play on a Samsung Galaxy s8 for Albion. Mobile has many things I believe that really need changes.

      1. Fix the animation for abilities on mobile. Frequently, I see that animations of abilities just don't show at all, even with the settings turned on. An example of this is a Badon bow's E and a Blazing staff's E, on mobile, people won't be able to see the animation and won't realize it's there until they take damage.

      2. Fix the disconnects and long loading times when loading between zones. I can remember countless times when loading between zones and seeing my bubble about to run out, it gets annoying at times when I also disconnect.

      3. When pvping on a phone screen (sometimes even on tables) I find it hard to chain abilities and would sometimes end up walking instead of tapping the ability. This also happens frequently when tapping on players.

      4. Lag after killing mobs. I'm not sure if this is a device issue or game issue but sometimes there are lag spikes after killing a mob and it gets annoying when killing groups of mobs in a solo dungeon.

      5. Looting items. It's hard trying to fast loot items due to needing to drag them one by one on mobile.

      6. Typing/Using chat/Tapping. On mobile, I find it hard to tap onto small things like inventory, chat, typing messages and etc.

      7. Being able to purchase premium with Google play credits (and whatever apple uses). It would be nice to be able to purchase premium with other methods such as google play credits.
      I would like to stress out item #1 here. Its really annoying to play dungeons when skill/ability animations are not showing. One example from my experience is the undead zombie boss which leaves puddles that deal damage when you step on them. I cant count how many times I have died because of this. I have also experienced item #4. I would get a 1-2 second pause then an fps drop after killing multiple rats.

      I have participated on the survey and I look forward on future mobile updates.
    • This is amazing news!

      @Merkur Will there be test versions of the .apk we can sign up or volunteer to take part in?

      Back in 2015 or so when I first heard about Albion I was most interested in the mobile aspect. I have several devices that I've played on. Mostly on a Galaxy S8, but I've recently gotten a Note 10+. The screen space actually makes the game quite playable. Anyway. Can't wait to hear more!!

      @Luigi000 Fellow Note10+ user, how do you do it with just a mouse. Do you click abilities or use your other hand for them? Just curious. Up until now I've only used touch screen, except a couple times I used a bluetooth mouse.
    • As a Pixel 2 XL user, the Mobile version of Albion is all but unplayable. Not in terms of Framerate, the game actually runs quite well! But in terms of usability/playability. I can't move easily, combat is basically impossible, and Text is so small that I'd need glasses that are 3x as powerful as I have now in order to actually read the text.

      I know the Mobile port is young, and that improvements are coming next year, but right now the Mobile version on a standard sized phone is, basically unplayable.
    • @Zellidon playing with a mouse only was just to test it out really. My aim was more to raise awareness that it works well and makes the game more playable. However with the mouse only I have discovered that by clicking on a spell/ability it makes the character run straight down or south if you will. So I decided to get a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and it's perfect. Now it's playable! Only thing you need to figure out is how and where to mount your phone since your only two hand is preoccupied..... I make use of a magnet like those you use in the car air vent. Took that and modified.
    • And Joystick control is interested for mobile, you can separate 2 types of control: Joystick or Tape to move.
      Skill Interface need to be remake, some of cone-skill is really hard to use for mobile now. if I can press the skill icon and slide point to the target, that would be easier. And I extremely appreciate if you can do that for Abion mobile.
      Thank you so much.
    • Zellidon wrote:

      This is amazing news!

      @Merkur Will there be test versions of the .apk we can sign up or volunteer to take part in?
      There very likely will be, once the android optimization has started and it makes sense to test a new version. I will let you know.

      Saffiana wrote:

      The 6s Plus should be able to run it. That device has the necessary 3 gig of ram. Standard 6s, probably not.
      Also the small screen size would probably not be very useful.
      3GB is indeed the hard limit currently. While we will put efforts into optimization, the game is also constantly growing, making this a very challenging topic.
      We will aim to officially support devices back to mid-2016. The 6s plus only has 2GB of ram as far as I know. I am testing against a 7s plus, with 3GB.

      Textilfrenz wrote:

      [...] Is there any estimated release time for the optimized version? :D
      First changes (User Interface) will roll out with the next big content update. Performance optimization will likely begin early next year, followed by a store release with better downloading hopefully sometime in summer next year.
      These time plans are prone to change and are not fully in my hands, so it's always hard to make definitive schedule statements, not wishing to disappoint you guys.