Black screen

    • Amoebius76 wrote:

      Thanks, we'll have a look at the log and I'll get back with a solution! :)
      @Amoebius76 can you help me out too? I can get you the log, diaxdiag and whatever you want.

      basically since 3-4 days whenver i switch map (move from a map to another) i get this black screen. sometimes I don't but mostly I do get the black screen and after 15-20 second I find myself in the log in screen.

      zone: any map between “hightree portal west” and “Firesink Caldera/Thirstwater gully” (basically every map: Hightree Levee, Hightree Cliffs, Whitecliff expanse, whitecliff peak, Thirstwater steppe, thirstwater waste, Firesink Trench or even the tunnel from gully to Daemonium keep).

      This issue has been reported from several guild mates as well and it started 4-5 days ago after your last update I guess.

      P.S. so far I reinstalled the game and repaired the client but I didn't try the VPN nor changing the DNS server.