Questions about IP and SPEC points

    • Questions about IP and SPEC points


      Relatively new player in that I have only been playing a few months to date.

      Can someone help me to better understand the combat system please:

      What impact does IP have on damage output? Does it have any impact at all? I get that armor increases resistances etc.

      Main Question:

      How much of a difference do have say 300/400 spec points in bow make? Is it a flat/raw dps additive? Does it increase damage or penetration etc?
      Say I use a warbow and get warbow 100/100 is that the best thing to do because of the +0.2 to spec for using warbow each level of is it better to level all of the off skill trees to 50+ etc?

      Any help would be great



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    • This is an explanation about item power, made by Korn.

      I will try to provide a short explanation:

      Final Value = Base Value * (Scaling-Factor)^(ItemPower/100)

      Weapon Damage = Base Damage * (1.0918)^(ItemPower/100)

      The base values are set up by us internally, and cannot be seen directly in game. They are the theoretical values if your item power is 0.

      The above mean that per 100 item power, the damage of a weapon increases by 9.18%. Note that this add ups multiplicative.
      • Say you have an item with 300 IP that does 100 damage.
      • An item with 400 IP would do 9.18% more damage, i.e. 109.18
      • An item with 500 IP would do 9.18% more damage than the item with 400 IP, 109.18*1.0918 = 119.2 damage, which is 19.2% more than the item with 300 IP.
      Note: this means that the extra damage given per IP, in absolute terms, is not constant. Moving from 300 to 400 IP in the example above gives you 9.18 extra damage. Moving from 400 to 500 gives you an extra 10.02

      Also note that for resistances the formula is more complicated. The reason is that mathematically speaking, an AR value of 0 is technically an AR value of 100. So what the system generally does is it takes the armor value, adds 100 to it and scales that. This gets even more complicated if the resistance in question is distributed across different inventory slots. In any event, math-issues aside, the net effect is that your effective resistence power increases by a set relative % per 100 IP

      • If you increase the item power of a weapon by 100, it will get 9.18% more damage. By 200, it would give 1.0918 * 1.0918 -> 19.2% more damage.
      • If you increase the item power of a weapon by 1, 0.878% more damage, as 1.000878...^100 = 1.0918
      • For health, the % granted per 100 IP is 6%
      • For armor, the it is 3%, but the formula is a bit more complex due to the armor of a naked person being shown as 0, where mathematically speaking, it's actually 100.
    • Thanks Kutweer, and can I validate a couple of noob questions- where you say that each 100 IP the weapon damage goes up by 9.18% is that weapon IP or ALL IP (from cloaks, armor and weapons).

      In my example above so if I max out all of the different types of bow I will get +20 IP for the WARBOW that I am using and then +20IP each other bow type so a total of 80 extra IP yeah?