IDEA: nerf equipment repair

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    • IDEA: nerf equipment repair

      I know this sounds crazy.. but hear me out...

      The ability to indefinitely repair gear to 100% removes demand for gear purchasing... If we could nerf equipment repair, it would create more equipment demand, which would help crafters, traders, couriers, dungeoners, and the economy in general.

      Having equipment wear out would also fit more with the lore of this being a "real" world, and fit in nicely with the model of gear constantly being consumed (sometimes because of full loot death, sometimes because it just wears out). It would also make the PVE experience of gear more like the PvP experience... So people would not get stuck on the mentality of having this expensive perfect T6.3 gear that will remain pristine .. and fear of losing it in PvP... because they would lose it anyway just by using it.

      Of course you always want to leave town with healthy gear, so here are some different ideas to nerf equipment repair, but still meet this goal (mostly)... Any of these concepts could start at any level of gear.... T5+, or T4+, or T3+, depending on how pervastive this shoulid be.

      1) make "quality" degrade as you use gear. in about 150% of durability use, "good" gear would degrade to normal when repaired, and in about 300% usage "normal" gear would break when repaired.. there could be some randomness here.

      2) make "sharpness" that can be repaired, but "durability" that can not... A weapon's durability would cover about 5x uses of sharpness.. so you could take a weapon sharpness from 100-to-0 5 times, repaired each time, and then it would have zero durability and it would be broken.. (possibly with some randomness)

      Pretty much the only downside I can see is that it might reduce the attractiveness of pay-to-win (spending real cash on currency to buy fancy gear), because you'd be buying something that would consumably wear out.

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