Crafters - Making it a relevant profession

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    • Crafters - Making it a relevant profession

      Crafters nowaday are just based on Focus to have a revenue, the less focus you waste, the more you win.

      However, this is better achievable by refining, considering it adds very little in IP, given how hard it is to get higher quality itens. They kind of just act as a bonus you don't expect to get.

      In order to better reward crafters for life i suggest ONE OF THE THREE options:

      Option 1: Double the "increase in quality while crafting" per spec.

      Reasoning: The option i like less, it will just devalue even more higher quality stuff. On the other hand, it will allow for even more people to use them in the open world

      Option 2: Double the ammount of IP all qualities add.

      Reasoning: Excelent/Masterpiece giving +100/+200 IP would make it much more rewarding using those (+20/+40 on good/outstand is also not bad). This would also make it more viable for crafters to look out for those, as value and significance would rise.

      Option 3: Double the chance to get all quality itens, and add a new quality called "Semi-God" Quality, Diamond colored, which adds +200 IP and has the actual chance to get a Masterpiece item.

      Reasoning: Similar to the other options, while adding a new quality, best option between them all, in my opinion.

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