Valar Morghulis [Merchants & Mercenaries]

  • Valar Morghulis [Merchants & Mercenaries]

    Brief Guild Summary
    Valar Morghulis has been a force in Albion Online since the summer of 2015. We've spent the course of each beta gathering details on how other communities play and how best to become a powerhouse within the Albion community. While most other PvP guilds will be focused on vying for control of the Outlands, Valar Morghulis has its sights set on the Royal Continent. We are an equal opportunity guild, extending invitations to new and veteran players alike. Our leadership is both knowledgeable and happy to help new and returning players find their path to success.

    Our primary hours of activity are from 5pm-1am EST.

    Code of Conduct
    "Three Simple Rules"
    1. Respect Each Other. This means no trolling, no bigotry, no flaming/bashing or anything of such nature. Especially towards your own guild mates
    2. Be Honesty. Don't cheat, steal or take advantage of your own guild mate's trust in you.
    3. Relax. We're all here to have fun and enjoy the game.
    Character Name:
    Are you willing to use Discord voice chat:
    Albion Account Type: (Veteran, Epic, Legendary)
    Play Times: (when do you play?)
    Albion Experience: (Time played, guilds played with, etc.)
    Playstyle: (PvPer/gatherer/crafter/etc)
    Gaming Experience: (Relevant to Albion mechanics only plz)

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  • Name: Sloe
    Age: 21
    Location: Canada
    Focus (PvP, PvE, etc): PvP
    Gaming History:

    Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
    Bloodline Champions
    Darkfall Online
    Darkfall Unholy Wars
    Dota 2
    Global Agenda
    Guild Wars 2
    The Elder Scrolls Online
    Tribes: Ascend
    Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
    World of Tanks
    World of Warcraft

    Why do you want to join Valar Morghulis?

    I believe this guild has huge potential. I haven't read a more well-thought-out recruitment thread.

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  • Name: Owlkapwn
    Age: 30
    Location: St. Louis Missouri
    Focus (PvP, PvE, etc): PvP however I have played in the last 2 alpha's and enjoy the PvE aspect of the game also.
    Gaming History:
    Arma 3
    Day Z Standalone
    League of Legends

    Why do you want to join Valar Morghulis?

    As I stated I have played in the last 2 Alpha's and know how guild dependent this game is and I want to be in a serious guild. Love the way you layed everything out and if we can actually make it happen I think it will be very rewarding.
  • Firstly, I'd like to thank Owlkapwn and Sloe for taking a chance and giving me an opportunity to show them my potential as a strong leader. Let their trust be an encouragement to other applicants to join a fresh new guild.

    While the thought may seem frightening to the more experienced players among you, just consider the potential seat of power you will be first in line to acquire.

    If we can recruit at least two members a day between now and Alpha we'll be set for a healthy launch :)
  • Name:Heretic

    Age: Older than 30

    Location:Biloxi MS

    Focus (PvP, PvE, etc):Crafting, but quick to beat that ass if provoked.

    Gaming History: Ultima Online back when it was new, and I think I've played every single fantasy MMO to date, even korean releases. The ones that stuck were Lineage 2, WoW sadly,Archeage DAoC, Warhammer Online,Tera, Rift,LoTR,Wildstar,ESO, Landmark,
    Why do you want to join Valar Morghulis? Putting heads on pikes is more than a one person job,albiet fun nonetheless.
  • Name: Vito, or SoloDaPhoenix

    age: 24

    location: canton, Georgia. Originally born and raise long islander New York

    focus: I'm mostly wanting to focus on pvp pve and crafting. Just spend and do all the game has to offer.

    gaming history: SWG, both final fantasy, wow, lineage II, rift, Tera, aion, eve, swtor guild wars 1 and 2, city of heroes, matrix online, destiny, archage. Some other old ones.

    reason: I've been itching to play a great mmorpg. I've lead a guild, been officer for many other guilds and have gone hardcore on most of these games above. the highlights of my gaming experience has been with guild mates and staying up all night to run the dungeon or max level, and make jokes and laugh. I'm not looking for a guild but a family, I also like to have that atmosphere in my guilds and think I have a lot to bring to the guild. I just want to have fun and not play with 12 year olds on Mics.
  • No website yet, as I stated in our description we're a brand new guild. We should hopefully have a voice chat by the end of the day. I'll invite you to our private group chat on the forums for now so you can get the update with what I go with and what the server info is. :)
  • Name: Palegathon
    Age: 33
    Location: Indianapolis (EST)
    Focus (PvP, PvE, etc): PvP, PvE Mainly heals
    Gaming History: O lord, where do I start?? Started with Atari 2600 (Moon Patrol! :P)
    GW & GW2

    Why do you want to join Valar Morghulis?
    Well, I am particularly interested in the recruitment officer position that you had advertised. I have a strong sense of character and I am fair and impartial when making decisions. I would be experienced and qualified for this not only for previous guild leading/delegations, but I have those traits IRL, as it is my job :P
    I would like to join so that I can help the guild grow and prosper into a renowned guild, obtain riches and properties, claim lands and build a guild hall.

    Edit: Message me if you want to talk about this position.