Valar Morghulis [Merchants & Mercenaries]

  • @Shoeshine Yeah They'll be wiping after this closed beta, but it'll be a pretty decent length. I can understand not wanting to go all in, it's definitely disheartening playing knowing that everything you do is just going to be wiped. On the flip side though, like Gowlan said this test is going to be 2 months minimum. It'll likely be longer than just 2 months though. I'm personally expecting it to go 3-4 months with a 2-3 month OB before it a Q2 summer launch.
  • In-Game Name: bLub2833
    Age: 26
    Location: Germany (GMT +1)
    Average Weekly Playtime: currently ... too much time
    Days Available: Check last point
    Focus (Farming, PvE, Crafting, etc): PvE -> Crafting/ Mining -> PvP (which doesnt mean Im not interesting in PvP ; ))
    Combat Role (See above section): Played mostly in duo with a friend for now so Ive got kinda allround build with sword and plate. Mostly focusing on tanking, interrupting, positioning while still doing decent damage. Since I dont know how later weapons will advance Im not sure about my later role ; ). Ill prob play whatever is needed
    Do you have a working mic? Yes (TS, Mumble, Skype... whatever ; ))
    Gaming History: Mainly played competetive games like Dota but also got a lot of MMO, MMORPG, Hack&Slay experience (always trying to improve my efficiency )
    Why do you want to join Valar Morghulis? Looks fun

    My questions: How far advanced are your members? Both me and my mate made it to T3 gear in one day, currently on the way to T4, while having most mining skills on T4 already. It looks like your guild got a competetive mindset while putting the real live of each member over everything else, which seems perfect for me. Just wanna make sure your members are not mainly running around with T1-T2 equipment.

    Edit: Not sure if you already tried to invite me but if you do whisper me before because otherwise ill just auto decline the request.

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  • In Game Name: Jimeh

    Age: 24

    Location: US of A. Indiana

    Average Weekly Playtime: Roughly 30 hours a week. Depending on job schedule, have been know to pump out 20 hours sessions every once in a while.

    Days Available: I'm an evening gamer for the most part. I am also a bartender, so weekends are when I work the most. Weekdays I can be found gaming anytime from 3pm - 3am. Just depends on the week. Regardless, I game a lot.

    Focus (Farming, PvE, Crafting, etc): PvP fur shur. All of the games aspects seem fun, and I plan on doing them all as I adventure through Albion.

    Combat Role (DPS/Healer/Tank/Control): I've played multiple MMO's. Whether it be for PvP or PvE, I've done every roll numerous times. I prefer to heal, as I have made a bit of a reputation as one in other games I played. DPS and Tanking are both fun, so I imagine I will have a character for everything. But too answer the question.. Healing/Control.

    Do you have a working mic? Of course, can't be competitive without one.

    Gaming History: My history is very similar to the other applicants, I'm sure. I've played tons of MMOs. From the most popular, to the "Free MMO RPGs" you type into google. What makes me stand out is, regardless of the game I was playing, I always want to be the best. Not in a way that everyone "wants to be the best", I go out of my way to make sure I am. Whether it be leaderboards, tournaments, or leagues. PvP is why I play games. I believe to get the most satisfaction you have to beat the one opponent that wasn't made to be beaten; other people. As far as my experience goes, I've played at the top competitive level in multiple genres. My highest achievements would most likely be Halo 3, where I placed in multiple semi-pro and professional tournaments. Or Heroes of the Storm, where I played in ESL Gamings Majors circuit for a season, which is equivalent to its highest tier of competition.

    Why do you want to join Valar Morghulis? What I said above ties into this question. I've looked around for a guild I feel not only can help me get where I want to be, but I think I can be a valuable asset as well. With the knowledge, experience, and team you guy seem to be building, I see no better place for me to learn to play. And soon, very soon, I will return the favor.

    All seriousness aside... you guys seem cool, I'm cool, let's just be cool together.

    Applied on the App page thingy, didn't know if I needed to post here too.
  • In-Game Name: Raziid
    Age: 28
    Location: Denmark
    Average Weekly Playtime: 50-70 hours
    Days Available: Every day
    Focus (Farming, PvE, Crafting, etc): PvP / Crafting
    Combat Role (See above section): Whatever is needed. I'm flexible. Probably prefer DPS though.
    Do you have a working mic? Yes
    Gaming History: WoW (Since vanilla), WAR, SWTOR, Eve Online, Aion, Rift, Diablo 2, Diablo 3, WarCraft 3, Vindictus, League of Legends.
    Why do you want to join Valar Morghulis? I'm a hardcore player, and looking for a guild with like-minded people. But due to my friends not having as much time as me, I have to find a place where we can all fit in. You are perfect for that.
  • In-Game Name: SixnationsII
    Age: 32
    Location: Germany
    Average Weekly Playtime: 20+ hrs
    Days Available: Variable due to job
    Focus (Farming, PvE, Crafting, etc): ALL
    Combat Role (See above section): Lgt armor melee DPS ATM... testing builds... but willing to do whatever to win
    Do you have a working mic? Yep
    Gaming History:
    UO 99-2004
    FFXI 2003-2011
    SWTOR 2011-2013
    MechWarrior online 2012-PRESENT
    StarCitizen 2014-PRESENT

    Why do you want to join Valar Morghulis?

    Read the intro... seems like a good fit for me... games serious when able to log, but not able to commit like a 2nd job... plus how can you not like the name so I know Imma get my pvp on...
  • In-Game Name: BrainsAndBlood
    Age: 23
    Location: US
    Average Weekly Playtime: Evenings
    Days Available: Depends on work schedule
    Focus (Farming, PvE, Crafting, etc): Farming/PvE
    Combat Role (See above section): Range Support
    Do you have a working mic? Yes
    Gaming History: Been playing this since Alpha. I also play Paladins, HOTS, HS.
    Why do you want to join Valar Morghulis?
    Game of Thrones duh?
  • In-Game Name: Cornwall
    Location:Montana, United States
    Average Weekly Playtime:10 hours at least, up to 20 or more
    Days Available:Weeknights Mon-Thur & Most time Fri-Sun
    Focus (Farming, PvE, Crafting, etc):I like pve, farming, and focusing on a specialty crafting/refining wise
    Combat Role (See above section): tank/plate
    Do you have a working mic? Yes
    Gaming History: AOEII Veteran, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Warcraft 3
    Why do you want to join Valar Morghulis? I read your description and especially enjoyed the pastime bit. I am aligned with your core values and beliefs and plan to stick around a long time in AO, so looking to join a small-medium sized guild where I won't be just a number.

    Hope to hear from you soon.- Chris
  • In-Game Name: BlueMonk
    Age: 30
    Location: Italy
    Average Weekly Playtime: 10hrs
    Days Available: mon - sun
    Focus (Farming, PvE, Crafting, etc): pvp, gathering resources
    Combat Role (See above section): Trying different builds. Definitely melee, i want to test double knifes and plate, but i'm open to what's needed. I'm a strong teamplayer :)
    Do you have a working mic? yes
    Gaming History: UO, LoL
    Why do you want to join Valar Morghulis?

    I liked the description of the guild. I'm grinding my way towards higher tiers (currently journeyman); having tried the game for a week and liking it, i decided to find companions. Grinding alone is boring and i want to move to red zones asap, but of course i can't do it alone. I want to join a friendly community of players far away from elitists, but still committed to do cool stuff ingame, and i think this could be it. :)

    The Monk
  • Valar Morghulis is still looking to recruit mature active members.
    We have seen a decrease in our active community, but we expect to recover a large majority of our active members with the coming updates and wipe. We value our members and their activity in the community far more than how often they grind, and while daily activity is encouraged it is in no way required.

    We are not a 'communist,' community, where all assets are simply funneled through the guild leaders and distributed to those deemed most worthy, generally the elite group of GVG warriors. We see no benefit in robbing our gatherers and our crafters to fuel the war machine, essentially since it means these heroes of industry will burn out on being constantly under appreciated and misused. Personally, I consider the perceived value of most territories to be far outside the actual value.

    For the largest part, gear and resources will find their way to those in need of them for the overall benefit of all guild members, with an emphasis on each guild member profiting along the way for their work when possible.

    Guild tax is set at 15% for weekdays and 30% for weekends. As far as I know there are no plans to change this. This tax wont be raised without strong support from the community. There will not be a situation where, "The guild tax has to be raised to 100% to support our upcoming GvGs," as we believe this is detrimental to our community as a whole.
    Valar Morghulis