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      Привет альбионцы!Возникла проблема с входом со стима в аккаунт. Я зарегистрировался на платформе стим с помощью одного компьютера (который уже не вернуть), а теперь решил поиграть с другим. Но войти со стима на старый аккаунт не предоставляется возможности , возможно только зарегестрировать новый.Что в такой ситоации делать (если что я из россии) .
      Hi Albionians! There was a problem logging into the account. The fact is that I registered an account on the Steam platform on one computer (which I can’t return already), but right now I decided to play from another. But there is no way to log in from Steam to the old account, it is only possible to register for a new account. What to do in such a situation (if I’m from Russia.)

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    • Are you trying to login from a new Steam ID to your old account that is connected with an old Steam ID?

      You won't be able to do that but what you can do is either login to your old Steam ID and login to the game or you can login to your old account through the Albion client. You need to remember the email and password you created it with, though. If you are having trouble, support might be able to help. You can send them a ticket!