Increase the time that Laborers retain journals/resources.

    • Increase the time that Laborers retain journals/resources.

      The time that the markets retained orders was doubled to stop market doofuses from losing their stuff. It feels fair to double, or more, the time that laborers hold on to journals and resources.

      In two years of being a "professional" labor camp owners, I never lost a single journal, other than to the bug. Now I find that as a casual user of them I have ended up losing 2 lots to this. It's a way bigger penalty for people who aren't super try hard about maximizing output. It doesn't take a lot to be busy for a day or two, and then forget for a day or two. Then all of a sudden your 7 days are up and you lost everything.

      The time frame is too small and the penalty is too large for this.
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    • Fusionbomb wrote:

      I had the same thing happen. Never missed a day... until a month ago, and I've lost like 3 sets of journals since then lol.

      Would be nice to have the time period extended. :)
      I used to have zero sympathy for people who forgot, but it is actually just really easy to do, if you aren't devoting yourself to the game.

      Laborer doofuses deserve at least some added protections, like the market doofuses got.

      Doofi? Dumb dumbs.
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