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    • Joke or Die

      This one is similar to "Execution Goddess" in that I am setting up faction kills for a new female player to come and execute. With Oreo (The Execution Goddess) busy with college for the time being, she gave me her blessing to play the "Knock out Game" with another. So this series introduces my new friend Peikaboo (she introed herself on the forum yesterday but has been playing for a little over a week). I was searching the newbie towns for a suitable replacement, and as soon as I saw the name Peikaboo, I knew she was the one! We became fast friends, and I showed her my "Execution Goddess" videos, and asked her if she was interested, and she jumped right on board! She does it a little different though. Instead of wanting someone to beg for mercy, she wants to hear a joke. If a good joke is provided, she will let the person live. If not, well, you know what is going to happen then.

      A few things I did with this video that I didn't do with previous ones:
      • Some (but not all) kills are on voice comms. I am muted (cause I was used to recording with mute) but you can hear Peikaboo laughing as she kills people.
      • One tag-less kill. For authenticity, I did one kill with no tags on, since in real life people don't have names and guild affiliation above their head, probably going to do more solo PvP with this option in the future too.
      • I used her signature profile pic for the video title pages, thought that would be a nice touch.
      A little about Peikaboo: She is new to Albion, but is a gaming veteran and a streamer on Twitch. Feel free to check out her Twitch page if you like what you see and hear in this video.

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      SHARKY wrote:

      Hahahaa- “suicide is no joke”

      Has anyone been spared with a joke yet?
      Spoiler alert but yes. Episode 2 has 2 joke tellers. Both in same guild. First one starts to tell a bigoted joke, so he didn't live long enough to finish. His friend gives a good one and is spared. We aren't finished filming yet. Need a couple more kills to put that episode together. But we got that so far. Thanks for watching.^^