New spear Q suggestion

    • Valkyrior wrote:

      Spears can already kite as they are now and with the slow passive and impale can just outsmart any melee...

      What i want to see first is new Q for sword and Axe who only have the same ability with an aoe counterpart which lacks imagination and utility especially since Axe Q resets each other
      The range on impale is trash, anyone with a gap closer can dive on you from outside that distance. I main spears, they are garbage for kiting with. I've out microed people before, but its rare and only against people who suck tbh.

      Drazhen wrote:

      Spirit javelin:
      CD: 3s
      range: 13m
      Radius: 2.5m
      Damage: average
      Effect: fire a jav. in the air, when it hits the ground you get 1 spirit spear stack (range bonus one) on a successful hit and 2 stacks if you hit 3+ targets.

      Goal: further enable medium range spear playstyle.
      Good idea. Spears seem like they were supposed to be a mid range weapon, but as soon as you get close enough to throw a spirit spear at someone they are already on your dick. Like someone else said, 3s might be a little to OP but I like the idea a lot!