How to fix big alliances and guilds in the game?

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    • How to fix big alliances and guilds in the game?

      Hello SBI, Albion is amazing game but you need to fix big alliances and guilds in the game.

      Here is a suggestion:
      If alliance/guild is owning more than x territories, you need to pay some upkeep in some random commodity (for example mounts, helmets, soups, invisible potions, wood, metal bars, etc... so every crafter and farmer in the alliance/guild will be important) and more territories => bigger upkeep (payment for guard services in the territory).
      So every guild and alliance will think about every territory: "Do I really need this territory?"
      And this will make space for more smaller alliances and guilds in outlands... ;)

      Bonus: This suggestion maybe will solve capped zones during PvP events like castles (smaller alliances and guilds => smaller player counts in one cluster) ;)

      What do you think guys?
      HankTheNoob | Battles in AO

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    • this kind of exists already but with a flaw.

      Each territory owned they must defend but with 5v5 battles i think some of the teams just cant compete

      Assume u own a terry and someone attacks ur guild must then defend it meaning u may lose gear which is where crafters and anyone producing $$$ come in, however when they have great 5v5 teams not just anyone can attack them but someone of that calibur = another massive alliance that has resources and know how.

      It is compounded by "warcamps" if you own territory it is only attackable by surrounding terry or by a warcamp at least thats how i understand it. this means having the right terry means u can avoid having to defend certain ones... i have not stared at the map but it might be that they all have a WC close enough? someone confirm

      Reguardless of this because of "Uptimes" you also have a reduced number of the population who can contest a terry because its an american terry or a east europe terry while you guild is asleep or at work ect. inflexible times of attack are an issue - perhaps the times should all rotate, 1 day its a US up time next is a Europe Uptime then its an asian uptime ... I think this will piss people off but unless AO implements regional servers this will always be an issue...
      Tho even with regional servers some people have 3rd shift work ect.