New Weapon: Flail

    • New Weapon: Flail

      Hi, dunno if someone already suggested something like this before, but if not just wanna bring it to light.

      It would be really cool if we had some kind of "Paladin"-style weapon in Albion, like a blend of holy and mace/hammer.

      The main focus of this weapon would be the tanking aspect but with a little support for heals, maybe some weak AoE heals per Q that hit a enemy (like Brigitte from Overwatch), one or two shielding/healing options for W slot.

      The weapon options could be like:

      1. One-handed Flail: good for solo with a little bit of damage and a hint of self/group heal.
      2. Two-handed Flail: the tankier of all, almost no heal.
      3. Censer-like weapon: good single or aoe heal and no damage on the E slot.

      So, this is it. If anyone got any suggestions drop in a reply and thanks for your time reading.

      Hope this get to the devs someday, really think that something like this would be amazing in Albion Online.