Walking NPC mission suggestion!

    • Walking NPC mission suggestion!

      Hi, I'll explain below and talk about my suggestion.

      So what I am suggesting is, to create some kind of walking NPC from one city to another which requires certain assistance - for example having about 10 players to assist during marchandise transport. Signed up players will have to protect the NPC at all prices from mobs, and also, of course, hostile players. Hostile players will be able to kill the NPC and take the loot, of course. I believe this kind of mission should bring a lot of fun in the world of Albion and it will encourage lot of players to sign up to protect the NPC.

      Please leave your opinions below, thanks!
    • I believe what he Suggests is not directly PvP, you can't kill the players in this Idea, only the NPC, so they could "learn" how to Support a Mammoth, maybe the NPC is a Mammoth, then you could learn how to Play with it (the Basics).
      Maybe you could Sign up for a the PvE version (Walking blue and yellow zones) or PvP nPC version (Walking Red Zones too, maybe to Carleon).
      If every Player that Signs up pays Silver for the nPC, the nPC has some kind of "reward", maybe he gives fame or silver for the one killing it or for the good supporters who had protected him, the value comes from the ones paying it for doing the "quest".
      And last but not least i would show the Transport on the map, for everyone, so you know where it is happening.

      I like the Idea.