New Mount Mechanic

    • New Mount Mechanic

      Currently mounts increase your movement/travel speed while mounted, and allows you to carry more items depending on the mount.
      However, in order to take advantage of the extra load capacity, the player is forced to stay mounted, or stay within the circle that forms when you dismount.
      I believe this is sometimes annoying, especially if you're hunting mobs or if you want to step outside to reach a resource just out of reach, and I believe a more interesting mount mechanic is possible.

      The new suggestion:
      The mount will have a separate inventory.
      • The player/owner of the mount is able to access both the mount and players inventory when the player is either mounted or within the circle.
        • I'm sure a clever GUI to manage the inventories are possible.
      • The player loses access to the mount inventory and will only have access to the players inventory when stepping out of the circle.
        • The player must go back inside the circle to regain access to the mount inventory.
      • The player is able to "park" the mount anywhere on the local map and be free to explore etc, however, will have to return to the mount to regain access to the mount and its inventory.
        • Alternatively, the player can choose to "recall" the mount; this merges the player and mount inventories together (getting overloaded if too many items), and the mount will now go on cooldown (eg. 20 secs)
          • The mount goes on cooldown to prevent people from potentially abusing the mechanic by roaming without a mount and regaining the mount without having to travel back to the mount.
          • The mount is automatically "recalled" if the player leaves the instanced area, eg going into a dungeon, leaving the map etc.

      The mount that has been "parked" can be attacked by hostile players.
      • "parked" mounts cannot be attacked by mobs
      • The enemy will only gain access to the mount inventory once the mount has been killed.
        • This allows the owner of the mount to either choose to defend the mount, or to abandon it: fleeing only with whatever is in the player inventory.
      • A mount under attack cannot be "recalled"
        • Player leaving the instanced area while the mount is being attacked will abandon the mount, and instantly kills the mount.
          • The player is given a system warning before leaving the area.
      • Enemy's cannot view the contents or the % load of the mount prior to killing the mount.

      I think this mount mechanic will introduce more interesting gameplay with the mounts, and allows different opportunities of PvP when ganked/ganking.

      Rough ideas ([b]Ideas not fully developed):[/b]
      • Ability for "parked" mount to defend itself
      • Ability for mount to follow the owner.
        • Multiple mounts??
    • Interesting idea.... However it means that the game would need to keep track of the positions of many mounts in a single map, plus would also need to keep track of the mounts inventory.

      Now, Imagine that 200 players are.going to do a 100 v 100 ZvZ, and half of them leave their mounts outside. That would mean additional stress to the server, would make it hard to keep fights with a stable fps. Even now with current mechanics fps drops dramatically in big fights.

      Having mount dissapear when you get out of the circle prevents this. This means that no matter how many players are in the map, mounts will eventually dissapear if the players want to move, releasing some of the memory for the game to use to keep a stable fps.