Recruits for guild "Immortal Phoenix"

    • Recruits for guild "Immortal Phoenix"

      Hello, my name is Nick!
      I'm a guild leader "IMMORTAL PHOENIX"

      Guild leader: NickWalye
      Guild base: Fort Sterling
      Guild Activities: PvP, PvE, Craft, ZvZ, HG, Gang and other.
      Guild Discord:
      Guild Alliance: EPICS
      Alliance leader: War Gods

      I search new players for my guild to my guild been online all day and so that all people have the opportunity to find a group for any purpose.

      Members of my guild want to practice and learn English and meet foreigners.

      We have islands in all cities with machine tools.

      To apply go to Discord and follow the pattern:

      1) Nick-name in game
      2) First name
      3) How much time do you spend playing the game per day and how often do you play
      4) Age
      5) Character Screenshot

      Good luck to everyone and a good game!