Healer nerf

    • Healer nerf

      as title, i’d suggest a nerf for healers in general. To understand my pain take a look down here! :thumbsup:
      Today, me and my friend joined an hellgate and found a single player that was doing it, an healer with 5.0 equipment. We had 5.2/6.1 sets but it was a really ridicolous experience. ;(
      Fighting 2 vs 1 was useless, the healer continued self-heal, we had t6 food for cooldown t6 food to increase the dps and so on but, nothing changed. The bad thing is that, in a 2 vs 1 fight, he looked pratically invulnerable.
      From prey he switched to predator and the fight finished with one of us dead!
      This is ridicolous, for me, sure thing is we are not top tier pvp player but i think that something must change in any case, self-heal it’s really overpower, an healer it’s pratically unkillable in that way, a nerf for self-heals would be great because, honestly, i didn't even notice the healing sickness. :thumbdown:
    • Yea "Healing sickness", you just click F when you got it and restart again. What a big nerf!
      It's a story i'd tell, if you think everything is ok (because you are main healer and you cannot maintain "another" nerf) just keep laughing and don't write useless comment down here because you'll just be ignored.
      By the way, obviously it's an opinion! " I THINK " that would be great do something to balance the healer because if you don't have an assassin build that oneshot or reduce heals YOU LOSE, 2 vs 1 too.
    • theres no video
      theres no killboard link
      you give vague/incorrect details (t6 cooldown food?)
      your name brings up no matches
      we don't even know what weapons your team was using

      The only constructive thing I can tell you at this point, is that if you're going to run "good" gear then you should run "good" food (t7/8), too. If you can give your opinion, then I can certainly give mine.
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    • Biodorco wrote:

      This is ridicolous, for me, sure thing is we are not top tier pvp player but i think that something must change in any case,
      The only thing that needs to chage is for you to "git good", however before that some preliminary homework needs to be done. You are kind of on the right track as you are complaining - but can you take it 2 steps further to becoming a better player and do the following:
      1) Instead of complaining - ask what you did wrong
      2) To properly ask on what you did wrong (in #1 above) - you need to give us the correct info. Can you plz link killboard link of the death so we know what "healer" (was it nature/holy or just some guy spamming Battleaxe and Guardian helmet with Horn and Royal armors?) you actually fought and so that we can see what gear (and most important - IP) was used?

    • It just has been nerfed last patch and the patch before that aswell as the patch before. Just git gud, mate. Maybe if you see a druid and you can't catch him bow out gracefully and leave the gate to fight in the next one.

      A demon helm, fiend cowl, some CC or a bit more dps all would have solved your issue. Dunno, man just learn to deal with it. To be honest with you i think your build combo must have sucked if you get outplayed by the druid.

      Really either you have the comp to deal with it or you don't in which case you should leave the gate. Dying to the druid is just ridiculous. He must have been dying laughing.
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    • Nerf nerf nerf.. maybe nerf ur whole life idiots? if u r 5 tier+0 and u r trying to kill 8 tier master+3 full after u get beated starting to cry in forums about nerfing ? maybe lets talk about 7 sec silence? then invisible builds at some builds mages cant even do dmg before they die?? who is going to nerf them ?? about bower nerfing? maybe devs wanna nerf ur fcking head?? already 70% of my friends quit this trash game becouse of this nerfing... go ahead nerf more il do the same and rest of my friends then you can die with this nerf game