Dev Talk: Queen Update Introduction

    • ImaDoki wrote:

      The update won't come before the end of the season.

      They already said there will be more dev talks about the specifics about each one of those features.

      But if WE COULD HAVE ONE FEATURE, i would ask for the zerg debuffs. The 'holy war' between OOPS and Daddy is becoming impossible to deal with using a regular spec PC.
      Or better yet, some actual performance optimizations, and let's see some epic 500 vs 500 battles <3
    • What I'm curious about is the fishing profession. More specifically the Deepwater Kraken. Since this fish can only be caught in the ocean how will his spawns be set. From the look at the map they posted. I understand it is not finished, but the high tier zones from what i can tell are in the middle and they are not bordering a ocean tile.

      Currently Putrescent Swamp is the only place for T7 Kraken. Will there be zones for T7 Kraken that will be accessible to all this time around? seems like the middle is fresh water and the outside is salt water. will there be t7 zones on the outer ring? Salt water in the inner ring? or will the Kraken be wiped out and only laborers will be able to get them.
    • Luke1 wrote:

      Korn wrote:

      trade between the Outlands and Caerleon via the red zones will become extremely relevant
      Why? Will there be any reason to still hang in Caerleon if it does not have access to the Black Zone any more?
      The video said that the black market would remain, and they had ideas to expand things for Caerleon in future updates. After saying that, if they were smart, they would make "Queen" the last update allowing people to move their islands for free, or at the very least, not allow people to move back to Caerleon for free again in those future updates if they leave at the "Queen" update.
    • Korn wrote:

      CassX wrote:

      Thanks, and can you go out with some info about "The zones surrounding Carleon will get significant buffs" ?And still my question, please what is Avalon?Name of zone or what? :)
      Right now, the zones directly surrouding Caerleon are deliberately quite weak for balance reasons, as Caerleon also is a / the main gateway to the Outlands. That's why, for example, the best zones for enchanted T5 resources - while being in the Royals - are quite far away from Caerleon. If Caerleon no longer has direct Outland access, we can then finally really buff of the zones in the center of the royals as they are now further away from the Outlands. That will likely mean lots of enchanted T5 in terms of gathering, but would also extend to PvE stuff etc.

      Just a suggestion for the PvE stuff: make it heretic related please.

      First, I would say that in terms of PvE content, I think that the heretic faction is not well represented. Look at the raid bosses for example, we have the Bonecrusher Earthmother (keeper faction), the Condemned Harvester (undead faction) and the Prince of Morgana (well, morgana faction).
      In open world, the heretics roaming mobs are only present in low tier map (maybe on purpose?). Also, in terms of gears, except for the Heretic Cape, I'm not aware of anything significant compared to the royals who have every branch represented (Royal Robe, Royal hood, ...etc). Or is it that any non-artifact based gears are considered heretics? ?(
      And finally just from a lore perspective, I think the heretic faction need some love. Plus Caerleon is supposed to be the terrible city of bandits and outlaws afaik, so it could have good synergy.

      PS: Random dungeon was a move in the right direction for this faction btw, well played :thumbup:

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    • I want to ask you @sbi you keep saYing "how guild contribute" but you just fucking added a reward bracket for all guild mates to do that.. You legit just suck at balancing black zone gvg and you want the zerg guilds pleased don't cover your shit with some lame excuse. Make better layouts so one set 5 man team have to adept to every terrain. Not fucking rocket science you had it nailed in beta 1.