Is the test server, really a test server?

    • Is the test server, really a test server?

      Last week I have been active on the test server looking for problems in crawling, however, I have noticed that my destination is incomplete, and by incomplete I mean less than 40%; being a test server, it is a bit complex to try all the high tier items, right now, only tier 4 is comparable to me; and the crafts that I want to try, are of tier 7, it will take me the same as in the normal server to test it, and I think that even less, however, it would not be worth the effort if I do not like to crackle it.

      Now, maybe I'm not very expert on the TS (test server), and that's why I only have tier 4; I just dislike that compared to other video games, this TS is merely the original version, but without players.

      If there is a way to unlock the destination, or information about it, I would like to know; Greetings to all, and happy day.
    • It's merely there to test the next upcoming update/patch. It's main purpose is so players can find bugs and issues before update/patch is released.

      On very rare occassions, when devs are load testing, players are given the chance to craft and use high-tier items, way above their usual level, but this will only last for a few hours at most.

      If everyone had access to all Tiers of everything on the test server, there would far too many players hanging out there, instead of the live server.