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      we just opened a bookstore of partially full books of various types.
      The store is a internal tab of the guild chest of Long Knives 2 Island that is in Martlock.
      Who is interested send me a pm mail from inside the game ( Hypnoticshadow) and I will authorize you or the interested guild to access the island and visualize the chest of the books.

      To buy the books you are interested in send me another pm mail from inside the game ( Hypnoticshadow) specificating the books you want and then you pay not with money but with t5 treasure or t4 relic: one for every tier of the book you are interested in, for example a t6 partially full book it costs any combination of 6 pieces of t5 treasure or t4 relic

      Inside the guild hall there are many chest look there and in one of them you will be authorized to visualize and deposit, deposit any time there the t5 treasures/ t4 relics and after i confirm the payment i will put in the same chest the books you requested with a custom chest where only you can withdraw. ( Max three days to withdraw the books)