Mounts of Albion | collection of mount images

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    • Mounts of Albion | collection of mount images

      Riding Horses
      Journeyman's Riding Horse Adept's Riding Horse Expert's Riding Horse Master's Riding Horse Grandmaster's Riding Horse Elder's Riding Horse
      Armored Horses
      Expert's Armored Horse Master's Armored Horse Grandmaster's Armored Horse Elder's Armored Horse
      Transport Oxen
      Journeyman's Transport Ox Adept's Transport Ox Expert's Transport Ox Master's Transport Ox Grandmaster's Transport Ox Elder's Transport Ox
      City Faction Mounts
      Saddled Moabird Saddled Winter Bear Saddled Wild Boar Saddled Bighorn Ram Saddled Swamp Salamander
      Expert's Warhorse Master's Warhorse Grandmaster's Warhorse Elder's Warhorse
      Adventurer's Challenge Mounts
      Spectral Bat Pest Lizard Snow Husky Frost Ram Saddled Terrorbird
      Grizzly Bear Black Panther Morgana Raven Giant Horse Spectral Direboar
      Recruiter's Mounts
      Recruiter's Ram Recruiter's Moabird Recruiter's Saddled Bat Recruiter's Toad Recruiter's Giant Frog
      Other Mounts
      Novice's Mule Adept's Giant Stag Direwolf Saddled Direboar Saddled Direbear
      Saddled Swamp Dragon Yule Ram Elder's Transport Mammoth Swiftclaw Rageclaw
      Spectral Bonehorse Morgana Nightmare Avalonian Basilisk
      Battle Rhinos
      Bronze Battle Rhino Silver Battle Rhino Gold Battle Rhino Crystal Battle Rhino
      Tower Chariots
      Silver Tower Chariot Gold Tower Chariot Crystal Tower Chariot
      Battle Eagles
      Silver Battle Eagle Gold Battle Eagle Crystal Battle Eagle
      Colossus Beetles
      Silver Colossus Beetle Gold Colossus Beetle Crystal Colossus Beetle
      Other Battlemounts
      Venom Basilisk Flame Basilisk Siege Ballista Elder's Command Mammoth
      Riding Horse Skins
      Legendary Explorer's Horse Legendary Adventurer's Horse Recruiter's Horse Recruiter's Pony Bonehorse
      Horse Macabre Jousting Horse Brown Mare Keeper Horse Nightshade Unicorn
      Armored Horse Skins
      Arena Veteran's Armored Horse Morgana Mare Expert's Guild Warhorse Master's Guild Warhorse Grandmaster's Guild Warhorse Elder's Guild Warhorse
      Transport Ox Skins
      Legendary Explorer's Ox Legendary Adventurer's Cart Recruiter's Yak Recruiter's Bighorn Ram
      Heretic Cart Black Market Ox Auction House Ox Royal Ox
      Direwolf Skins
      Ghostwolf Specter Wolf Recruiter's Grey Wolf Recruiter's Rottweiler
      Recruiter's Saint Bernard Recruiter's Husky Sled Recruiter's Dire Fox Sheepdog
      Stag Skins
      Master's Giant Stag Recruiter's Giant Stag Yule Stag Recruiter's Impala Divine Stag
      Swiftclaw Skins
      Recruiter's White Tiger Recruiter's Tiger Arena Veteran's Armored Sabertooth Sabertooth Rex Occult Cougar
      Direboar Skins
      Domesticated Hog Recruiter's Pig
      Swamp Dragon Skins
      Recruiter's Sand Salamander
      Mule Skins
      Jack o' Donkey Recruiter's Donkey
    • Instructions:
      • Click on buttons at the top to switch between Mounts, Battlemounts and Mount Skins
      • Hover over an image to enlarge it, or right-click and open the image in a new tab to see it in its full glory
      • Click on an image of the mount to see its corresponding wiki page in a new tab. There you can see the mount's stats, abilities and what it takes to craft it
      • Icons to the top-right of a mount image signify whether the mount has an ability and whether the colors of your guild/faction are applied to it
      • The collection of images consists of high-resolution images, it may take a while to load everything depending on your connection. Would not recommend viewing this if you are on a limited data plan
      • The images are hosted via You may not be able to see images unless you have access to that site
      • If you encounter any issues, please DM me a screenshot and description of the problem and let me know which browser version you use

      This finally completes the image compilation of various items in the game. For images of other items, see:

      Enjoy! ^^
    • Seriously how much work would it really be for you to change the color or something so that your not recycling the monthly mount reward The same exact bat as last year common! This is a slap in the face to those who have stuck around through all this game issues. Many of us look forward to the cool new mounts and yet you continue to disappoint..
    • arke971 wrote:

      I notified on this thread @MadSkillzDLR to attract attention here since I think it has good quality. The OP uses this information or not, this is not my place to demand anything.

      On the other hand, I think that if the purpose is not to be up to date, it should be tagged [old], [deprecated] or [obsolete]. This is perfectly fine by me.

      Thanks a lot for your efforts @Elsa
      So, it should be tagged as old if it is not updated within an hour after the addition of a new mount? Loool.