Chat BUG 3rd run at it.

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    • Chat BUG 3rd run at it.

      MODS !!!!!!!

      Dagator told me you would leave this up!

      Here is the situation.

      1 I am playing albion i type a recruiting statement then copy it

      2 I hit enter > /rec > ctrl v > enter
      2.5 loop enter > ctrl v > enter over and over

      3 i walk into another zone the chat moves me to /en chat so i return to step 2

      4 after an hour or 2 of this i miss step 3 1 time post in /en

      5 Dagathor says i cannot say this part because discussion about moderators is banned or something

      6 cant say this

      7 cant say this

      Step 8 return to step 1

      During this loop the issues i have are step 3 why does this occur - tracing it as best i can if you are looking at chat X and typing into chat Y when you Zone you are moved to chat X even though Chat X is modified to see what chat Y says also it moves you during the zone for some reason.

      this causes the problems i have in step 5-7 that all my posts have been removed for mentioning because again what i said in step 5 i cannot tell anyone about them.