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    • The Albion Online Wiki Thread

      Wiki Guardian Recruitment Status: Closed

      The Albion Online Wiki is a comprehensive resource for player knowledge and collaboration. The Wiki is written and maintained by passionate Albion Online players.

      Common Questions

      Q: Albion Online has a Wiki?
      A: Absolutely! You may find it here: Albion Online Wiki

      Q: I thought the Wiki was outdated?
      A: Yes and no. In the past, it was a challenge to maintain the data on the Wiki. However, we now have a talented team of Wiki Guardians and regular contributors who have made significant strides over the past few months to update the content of the Wiki in order to make it a valuable resource for Albion Online players.

      Q: If I want to contribute to the Wiki, am I allowed to do that?
      A: Yes you can! Anyone can edit or contribute to the Wiki at any time. Even one contribution makes a difference! We would also encourage you to interact with other Wiki contributors in the official Albion Online Discord channel #wiki-discussion for questions or Wiki feedback. We love feedback!

      Q: I’ve never done anything with a Wiki before. How do I learn?
      A: The easiest places to start are these two links:
      Albion Online Wiki: Community Portal
      Albion Online Wiki: Stubs

      Additionally, we strongly recommend that all Wiki Contributors use Grammarly when adding or editing content. It's an easy widget that you may install on your browser's tool bar.

      Q: Is there a core team that is responsible for the Albion Wiki?
      A: Yes there is! Our Wiki Guardians are:
      @Clementine (Wiki Admin) ← Main Contact for all Albion Online Wiki Questions

      Q: Are you looking for Wiki Guardians?
      A: Yes we are! One of the best paths to becoming an official Wiki Guardian is to start with contributing meaningful content to the Wiki. After a brief trial period of seeing your consistent Wiki contributions, and getting to know the Wiki team in Albion Online Discord, you will be considered for one of the coveted Wiki Guardian team positions. Show us what you can do! It's also important to note that Wiki Guardians are required to use Grammarly.

      Additionally, Wiki Guardians receive some special game perks!

      Here is what makes a great candidate for the Wiki Guardian Team:
      • You are a member of the Albion Online community and you know a lot about the game mechanics of Albion, its quirks and its various other random fun details.
      • You are confident in using the English language to write and edit content for what is going to be the official Albion community knowledge resource: The Albion Wiki.
      • You have at least 8 hours per month of time to write new content, edit existing content and polish existing pages on the official Wiki.
      • You will actively contribute to the discussion and day-to-day on how to improve, maintain and moderate the Albion Wiki now and in the future.
      What Perks do Wiki Guardians get:
      • You can directly influence the design, content and feel of the up and coming Official Albion Online Wiki.
      • You will have editing rights on the Albion Wiki.
      • You will have access to a direct communication channel with the Albion Online community team who run the day to day operations of the growing Albion Online community.
      • You will get a shiny special Wiki Guardian tag on the Official Forums.
      Upon successful completion of your trial period, you will get:
      • Special access rights on the Playground Server to validate various game mechanics.
      • As a token of our appreciation for your time, you will receive a 10,000 Gold Code and 30-days Premium time every month you are an active Wiki Guardian to use however you wish!
      We are very excited to continue the progress of the Wiki transformation so that every Albion Online player finds it a valuable tool for their game play!
      Check out the awesome Albion Online Wiki

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    • It's been a busy, exciting week for the Wiki team!

      It's been wonderful to see so many players adding various contributions and several who are putting their creative editing skills to use in order to improve the Wiki for all players. We certainly appreciate your enthusiasm!

      If you are interested in being an active Wiki Contributor, we would encourage you to head over to the Albion Online Wiki. One of the fastest ways to get started contributing is to consider what you are most passionate about in Albion Online and look that topic up in the Wiki. When you find the page, read it over to see if everything looks accurate and complete. If you don't find what you're looking for, it's the perfect opportunity to create a new Wiki page for other Albion players like you!

      As always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to me here via the forums or Discord at Clemmie#9087. Keep up the great Wiki work!
      Check out the awesome Albion Online Wiki
    • We are making some great progress on the Albion Wiki and I also have exciting news for our aspiring Wiki Guardians!

      I am pleased to share that all active Wiki Guardians will also receive 30-days Premium time in addition to the 10,000 Gold Code monthly. If you have ever wanted to join the Wiki Guardian team, this is a great time to do it and we do have a couple spots on the team available at this time. If you're interested, please reach out to me here or on Discord!
      Check out the awesome Albion Online Wiki
    • We are super excited about the great progress the team has made in the past month to improve the Wiki. I'd like to extend a huge thanks to our current Wiki Guardians as well as those who contributed any ideas, feedback or edits to the current Wiki efforts. Even one edit helps, so feel free to edit the page if you find anything that isn't correct or complete.

      Our Wiki Project Trello board has been updated with some new areas of focus: Plate, Leather and Cloth armor sets. You will find the link here: Wiki Project: Trello

      Additionally, we are on the lookout for 1-2 additional Guardians. Guardians receive some great monthly perks including 10,000 Gold, 30-days Premium time and access to the Playground server.
      Check out the awesome Albion Online Wiki
    • aviir wrote:

      I'm very interested, can I dedicate myself to some specific content? although I can help in some other generalities, but normally I have something that I like more, I speak Spanish, but I handle English, I don't know if it's a problem or not
      Hey @aviir sorry for the delay - I was out of the country on vacation. Currently we are working on the Wiki in English. If you're well-versed in English, then you'd be a good fit. We will eventually translate the Wiki to other languages as well. :)
      Check out the awesome Albion Online Wiki
    • We are making some amazing progress on the Wiki and a special shout out to our current Wiki Guardians: @Luckylook and @MrsLove who always do an amazing job! We are still looking for 1-2 dedicated Wiki Guardians, so if you're interested feel free to jump in and let's see what you can do! Wiki Guardians do at least eight hours monthly on the Wiki and in return receive 10,000 Gold, 30 days' Premium time and access to the Playground server.

      A few helpful Wiki tips:
      • Install the free version of Grammarly as it helps with grammar and punctuation.
      • You will find the date and time a Wiki page was last updated on the bottom right of the page. If it hasn't been updated in a few months, feel free to use your creative magic!
      • You can see the recent changes on the Wiki in the top left so you can always see what other player's are working on.
      • Every edit to the Wiki helps! Even if you have never Wiki'd before, it's pretty easy to start with some simple edits.
      • If you're unsure of where to start on the Wiki, think about what you know the most about in Albion then go look it up on the Wiki. Can the page use improvement? Go for it!
      • Should you have any questions or want to just say hi to the Wiki Guardian team, feel free to drop by the Wiki Discussion channel in the official Albion Online Discord
      Check out the awesome Albion Online Wiki
    • The efforts of the Wiki team have begun on the upcoming Queen update.

      As our goal is to have all the new changes updated on the Wiki prior to the release of the Queen update, we always welcome help from all players. Even one edit can make a difference! You will find our current focus and progress as always on our Trello project board here: Albion Online Wiki: Project Tracker
      Check out the awesome Albion Online Wiki
    • We are very excited the team continues to update the Wiki daily! If you've ever wanted to try your hand on the Wiki, this is a great time to be involved.

      If you're unsure of where to start or have no idea how to create a page, we've added a new section on our project tracker just for you! I would encourage anyone interested to visit Albion Online Wiki Project Tasks and view the "Easy Page Updates" section. From there, select whichever page you'd like to work on and simply fill in the numbers. Easy and very much appreciated!

      As always, if you have any Wiki questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to me via the forums, in game or Discord.

      Happy Holidays from the Albion Online Wiki Team!
      Check out the awesome Albion Online Wiki
    • The Wiki team is very excited about a new feature we are working on with the Wiki which will enable improved searches and the ability to compare items.

      The team has started rolling out the new changes to armor pages today and if you're interested in helping the project along, you'll always find the "Easy Page Updates" area here: Albion Online Wiki: Project Tasks.

      Things to remember when updating these pages:
      • The easiest way to view stats of the item is to use the Buy Order on the Market Place. Select the "Create Buy Order" tab (don't worry, you won't be buying anything!) From there, filter in the armor piece you are looking for, select "Buy Order". Here you can filter through the various tiers, item qualities and enchantments
      • You'll want to use a new character that doesn't have the Destiny Board unlocked
      • When editing the armor pages, select "Edit Source" in the top right of the page and simply fill in the blanks in the Statistics section
      As always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to any of our Wiki Guardians!
      Check out the awesome Albion Online Wiki
    • The Wiki Team is super excited for today's Queen update, especially since it brings with it our favorite feature. Players may now use /wiki in game which will bring you to the official Albion Online Wiki (hooray!)

      A few pointers:
      • Typing /wiki in game will bring up the main Wiki page
      • Players may type /wiki and the name of what they are looking for to go to a specific page
      • When using /wiki in game for a page search, the page is case-specific. For example: to look up the Adept's Cleric Cowl, type /wiki Adept's Cleric Cowl
      We hope you enjoy this new feature as much as we do!
      Check out the awesome Albion Online Wiki
    • New

      I guess I'll finally have to change my forum signature now. :P

      Congrats to the wiki team! I'm sad that I can't be a part of it like I used to, but I'll always be cheering you on! It makes me so happy to see how far this project has come.

      And to everyone else reading this: you can always help! Correcting a typo, or fixing incorrect info, or adding brand new info; all of these help out not just the wiki team, but every one of us players. I should know, I reference wiki pages all the time, including ones I helped make! :D