Gold prices

    • It'll just keep going up. When the game was first released we had founders packs. These all came with lots of gold. It basically kick started the gold prices to be super low.

      Since f2p launch this gold is dissappearing super quick due to people paying for prem with gold.

      The current supply of gold coming into the game is not as high as whats leaving. This and people stock-piling gold, means gold prices will only go one way, that's up.
    • Abydon wrote:

      Fewer people buying gold, more people spending gold for prem. Its in a natural upward price cycle. It'll stabilize then go up again around the start of next month.

      Player112 wrote:

      Drop usually comes once everyone is onboard. People behind the gold price move don't understand economics. You will do well to ignore them. One thing for sure is it is detrimental to the game. They are doing nothing more than /suicide.
      Definitely not this, whatever the hell he's trying to say.
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    • Someone just pm me about this, i had to rush back to see the answers.

      there was a data not calculated called it along time that it can go endless.. that data was free to play and im cracking up now. good luck XDD

      Captainrussia wrote:

      my next prediction is Gold will hit 5k...sometime this year...

      You heard it here first, folks! Please don't forget to Like and Subscribe! :P :P
      Can always go higher.. So long as silver is easy to make. as i said to one player who asked me after i made the video "how high can it go" Me: " It can go as high as it is easy to make.. "

      remember that talk long long ago? there are player who was making money 2 weeks later and only 2 week to play? but those who have job and busy would just buy the gold for the measly 10buck a month?.. Well so long as it is still easy, that price can keep coming up. Free to play was the data never calculated in the past cause it didnt exist. So as i said on the vid that scared the crap that it can go endless so long as the silver was easy to make. and even thoughi lost all my data cause of harddrive you already know how easy random dungeon was giving all that time...

      5k gold hit hype!! lets go XD.

      Thanks to the one who pm me [you know who you are XD]
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    • It was my understanding that the gold prices move inversely to the number of people paying for premium with RL money.

      So if more people think the game is actually worth paying for, then the gold price should fall because gold isn't being sucked up to pay for premium?

      I'm not sure that we need gold sinks in the form that they were most recently introduced with vanity items. Perhaps many of those, especially with regard to skins for the more common mounts such as oxes and horses, should have been sold for insane amounts of SILVER, in an effort to rebalance the disparity (removing silver devalues gold).

      It seems like the devs and a lot of players want to believe that silver and gold are fungible and easily converted, but they're actually two very different types of "economic value placeholders". If silver can't be drawn from the economy with sufficient pace then inflation will continue on its upward trajectory.

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    • Player112 wrote:

      Finalhecate wrote:

      i had to rush back to see the answers.
      You make more come backs than a boomerang. If you quit again, can I have your stuff?
      The gold price will keep going up until most of the players disappear. Those who remain will have no one to play with. The lesson was never learnt from before the F2P. Now, the same will happen.
      You're still Shit buddy and no one can understand your crap hence post number 11

      don't you remember buddy
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    • Well, was just reading the forum..

      Me and a lot of my friends just went to survival mode..

      We used our silver and bought on all chars premium for a year and converted the rest to gold to prevent the silver from inflation, while we rest from the game and wait how

      - they fix the mega alliance problem
      - the n+1 killing all small scale content
      - the hideouts, if these can be zerged down or are really a shelter for small groups
      - the "pve" server of mega zergs..(if u have 200 Terries in u Ally, game has safe spots everywhere and you basically play semi pve)
      - srd dives by 5+ people and no draw back like enhanced trash rate of loot


      Basically we put the accounts to sleep while protecting our silver by moving to gold

      And that in total removed millions of gold from the game...

      Which might explain the increase
    • I've always funded my Premium with silver earned in-game - bought approx 2yrs of Premium with said silver, plus a month or two from Pack upgrades. The most recent years worth was purchased as a 12 month block, with approx 98 days left till it runs out. It was so, so easy to fund like that back then.

      With the steady rise in gold prices over the months, I made a decision that when my Premium runs out, I would subscribe with real money, on a monthly basis instead. The time it takes now to earn a months premium in silver, is way, way more valuable to me than $10, plus I'll get to spend the silver I earn anyway, on gear and other fun items.

      I also buy gold with real cash, on occasion (legitimately, I may add), and then trade it in for silver. The current price is pleasing to me in that respect, to say the least. Yes there's been some inflation in items etc, but as far as I can tell, nowhere near the same level as the gold price inflation. I'm not really interested in markets, or economics, other than buying and selling what I need.

      The gold price is what it is. Some may leave the game because of it, others (like me) may choose to actually put some real money into the game. Without real money, there is no game.