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    • Rubberbanding

      I seem to be rubberbanding around all over the place. I usually sit around 100 ping and maybe 10ms. Havent had any issues whatsoever with my internet or playing any other games and this seems to be gamebreaking. I have just started the game not too long ago and really enjoy it but the frustration of bouncing around is killing me. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
    • Might just be the servers overloaded far more than normal due to it being Labor day and lots of people being off of work/school. I'd say give it another try on a different day to make sure that's not it.

      I have been playing back again (started at launch where rubberbanding was awful all the time) for about 2 months now, and have only had one or 2 nights where the problem lasted for about 30 minutes, and only during peak times. None except those couple times in months