Android game play suggestions

    • Android game play suggestions


      I just downloaded the game on my phone and tablet and Ive been playing now for 2 days.

      1st thing I noticed was that movement becomes a problem when you need to kite mobs or players because of the click to move function. Please could you look into introducing a joystick function for us it would make us alot more competitive with pc players.

      As a healer we cant kite and self heal like pc players, again movement restrictions make that near impossible, would it be possible to introduce a skill slot where we can slot in a skill that once pressed we heal ourselves instead of needing to click on our avatar before we can heal ourselves?

      Since everything is smaller on our screens it makes targeting a bit difficult when theres alot of people around. A little button on the hud to switch targets would be great or a auto target system if you press the skill once it locks on the closets target and press again it fires kinda thing.

      Apart from those few things that I believe would be quality of life changes for android players. This game is great. Im totally hooked and would love to see it on the playstore too. Cross platform play is brilliant.

      Oh last thing, is it normal to redownload 2gb everyday after maintenance or is it a bug? 2nd day now that I had to redownload the whole game again once I press update. Its going to be murder for capped players, 14gb per week just in 1 update is kinda rough.

      Thanks for reading and im hoping to see some changes implemented soon =)
    • Dygenn_II wrote:

      It would be good if the description on the download page was updated. The Android client is not held back and crippled the way Apple does with the iOS version. But the description makes it look like all mobile versions are still in beta.

      Hi there, the Android version hasn't been officially released in the Play Store yet. However, Android allows us to provide our own updates, whereas we have to use TestFlight for iOS. The descriptions will be updated accordingly when their status has changed.