bear paws

    • Still slashing backwards on the occasion. Instead of fixing make mechanic you do this by if you are running one direction and you click behind you, you jump and before landing you slash the original direction your char was running. You would then be to jump over groups instead of always into them. Unless this is a mechanic and I just can't figure out how to use it reliably?
    • Some of us in russian thread tried to figure that out. Noone could make razor cut strike backwards repeatedly. It's just an occasional mistake.

      We tried:
      -facing 1 direction and jumping another (standing and moving);
      -moving mouse before, after and during skill usage with the button pushed/free
      -use skill with/without target.
    • hmm. wow. thanks for reply.

      I still have been using them. That's unfortunate. Just like when it happens. Sometimes something cool happens but that's pretty rare. I tried to do it too I could have sworn in the middle of an arena I figured it out and did it on command like I jumped over the guy on purpose and it slashed backwards. I went to my island to test it and could not figure out what I did. I probably did nothing but I swear I had it. Hopefully they fix it because they are awesome.