The cure to Rage!

    • The cure to Rage!

      Journal Entry #1036

      FINALLY! After two years of hard work I have finally come up with a substance that can suppress this “demonic fever”! Everyone thought it was some sort of demonic possession that occured. The subjects would exhibit erratic behavior, profuse sweating, and the colors of their eyes became dark red. After roughly four days they would die a horrible death. I did not find this to be true at all. When looking at all of the subjects throughout the years there was one common occurrence. They all seemed to spend time the week prior in the lagoon north of town. Also, all subjects had a deep rash on some part of their body. I believe they came into contact with some sort of exotic fish. After much trial and error I have found that the following ingredients help suppress all symptoms. Unfortunately, this is not a cure. The subject must apply this paste onto the affected area once a day. I am getting closer though. A cure will soon be found. I must find one.

      Arcane Argaric Spores
      Cream from Goat’s Milk
      Tentacles from Midwater Octopus
      Tounge from a Rushwater Lurcher
      Roots of a Firetouched Mullein

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