Albion Support Feedback | Requesting email change.

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    • Albion Support Feedback | Requesting email change.

      Hi there,

      Recently I contacted Albion Support to try and get my email adres changed simply because the new one is on a far more secure system then the old one.
      I got told a few times that it ain't possible to change the email because it would open the door to possibly trade or sell accounts and that is strictly forbidden and this is something I fully understand.
      Though, they should also take into considderation is this email change is being used to transfer the account to someone else or if it is a simply change for the owner himself, which is my case..

      My old email was and my new email is So its 2 emails with the same names. If I would transfer or sell it I would't give someone a adres with my name in it. So it is kinda sad the support section isn't possible to help me with this. I also paid for the game so the least one can do is give a little support at a reasonable account adjustment.

      What if my old email is compromised? not safe to use anymore, which kinda is the case. Then it basically means my Albion account could also be compromised and even lost if I would lose my old mail one day.

      So I simply hope this will change in the future and give people the change to edit their account details. Even if you cant edit it yourself then a option to let someone of the support do it after a sort of security check if you want to. That would be great.



    • owensssss wrote:

      This an age old argument/issue. If support won’t help you the public forums sure won’. It’s for account selling.

      Take it from a guy who got his account stolen.
      Yeah indeed, though the support forgets something. If the mail account gets in danger, as mine is, the accounts linked to it will aswell come in danger. I am able to change the email at all my account except my Albion account. So for me there is now risk for my account to get stolen because of this. It's sad though.

      I didn't buy a founders pack to get 0% support one time in those years that I need it.
      Ones transfering all my accounts I wanted to completely delete my old outlook mail account, now I can't cuz guess what. Albion.
      But yeah, I guess it is what it is, not every game has a good (reasonable) support team I guess.

      If those bad people want they can still sell accounts.. They simply create new mail accounts, get the game, get a rich high character and then sell it and repeat.