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      Welcome Everyone! I’m creating a quest for everyone in Albion Online! It’s something I personally enjoyed creating in all the tabletop games I played. To give some context, I’ve DMed for multiple games in my life. I’ve had amazing stories and I want to share some of them with you all. Luckily, SBI has created an amazing game in which I can share some of these stories with you online. Albion Online is an amazing sandbox game I’ve played and I just want to share an experience here with you all. Everyone is welcome in this experience. It started just now at Stagbourne Bridge for the hype (23Aug19). Thank you all who showed up. It will continue now on the forums and it will expand in the game. The final day will end September 29th. The journey is something we all look forward to… it’s what will keep us coming back over and over. Enjoy.

      PS: Yes there will be tons of prizes worth millions of silver and mounts….. Let’s Go! :)


      You are laying on the beach. Enjoying the cool breeze as it streams across your face. You look up into the sky. The clouds are passing by and you wonder what image they will project. Oh LOOK it’s a dragon breathing fire. You think to yourself, jeez it would be nice if there was a dragon mount in the game, right?. Laying in the sand you keep looking in the sky as the clouds change in front of you. A bird.. No wait… a fish…

      You feel something hit the tips of your feet as the tide pushes forward. You look down and you see a glass bottle hit your feet. It drifts back into the water and comes back again. You grab it as it comes back. As you pick it up you see there is something stuffed inside the glass. You open the bottle. Inside you read……

      “Approaching Albion. Horrible weather. Attacked by”

      While your attention is focused on the note you feel something hard hit your foot. You look and see a large piece of wood. Looking around you see many washing up ashore. Confused, you stand up. All around you see debris. In the distance you see a ship with a broken mast. The sails are tattered and waves are pushing it quickly ashore.

      You see the waves pushing the boat north towards Highland Cross. You quickly gather your gear and pack your belongings onto your mount. While riding along the shore, you see more and more debris from the shipwreck. Shattered pieces of boards, large storage containers, and even dead animals are just some of the things you see all over the beach. You ride quicker and begin to see Highland Cross in the distance. As you get closer to town you see what you had feared to be true. Multiple bodies are washing up ashore.

      Upon entering the town you see the scene is filled with panic. People are running out of town with stretchers and first aid supplies. The local pub has been turned into an infirmary and you see the injured being brought into the building. A large group of people have congregated near the pier. You head over to inspect…..

      ~~~Update to the Story~~~~

      The following individuals show up to the pier. Belcam, Sum0II, thetermnater, and Kamylia. Their story will be posted in the next couple of days.…E9LafFQA/edit?usp=sharing

      __________Quest Points___________

      The following system is in the works. There is a point system for people who participate in the quest. Points will be awarded for participation. Points will also be awarded for the first to complete quests as well. This is a work in progress. Updates for rules and guidelines will be updated before the next event. A grand prize will be given out to the players in the top portion. Millions in silver will be given out. Mounts and Items included. Stay tuned for updates.

      Belcam 4
      Sum0II 2
      thetermnater 2
      Kamylia 2

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