Tweaks and details for wood/fiber/ore/stone gathering

    • Tweaks and details for wood/fiber/ore/stone gathering

      So I was wondering that maybe devs might add some details to wood, fiber, ore and stone gathering nodes. Maybe a rare chance to *new* drops from those specific nodes (see some ideas below). I am not including animal skinning/hide in this because it has another dynamic, i.e., u have to kill an animal AND have a low chance for pups (not all animals, ofc) and that would be something to add to other gathering skills as well. Fishing is a whole separate mini-game that provide all sorts of stuff with either a low chance or at random (seaweed and gears and relics and whatnot). So here are my thoughts:

      -Fiber: a low chance to collect pollen, lower chance to collect bee and lowest chance to collect a queen-bee. After you gather 100 bees + 1 queen bee (plus regular mats) you are able build a bee hive (small plot option in personal island, I am looking at you). The bee hive is fed with pollen and returns honey, which, in turn may be used to enhance cooking/alchemy recipes (another option to seaweed, I am looking at you).

      - Ore: a low chance to collect either silver piece and lower chance to collect gold piece. After collecting a certain amount of each, you assemble 1 silver bag (tradable) or gold coin.

      - Wood: another chance at earthworms (other than faming/herbs) at a low chance or an alternative item to make baits. What about birds? Pollen too to help with bee-hive feeding?

      - Stone: I don't know, I am not very creative. Relics, again, maybe?

      All of these could have little different mechanics from one another, since all four feel just the same.
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