Rework on Premium Subscriptions?

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    • Rework on Premium Subscriptions?

      I think the game is at the stage in its life where a $10 monthly premium subscription for only one character is out dated and more costly compared to how easy it can be to obtain premium status through the in game currency as the flow of silver only gets greater.

      What if the game went with a $15 premium subscription that covered the account itself and not a single character? (Covering any character on the account, so up to 3)

      For me personally, I was buying premium with money on all characters on 2 accounts and I do this not just because I'm a hoarder and like to keep everything I get in game but mainly also to show that I support what you're doing with the game. With the few ways there are on getting revenue with Albion, I feel as though you aren't being competitive enough with the in game currency vs. actual money ratio and not only on aspect that but also on the overall state of the game. Overall state of the game meaning not many players play with 1 character or at least not the serious players in the game and most of them might not want to do 3 individual premium subscriptions on them but if you do a combination with an account and not single characters they just might switch over to paying for the subscription rather than using the in game currency.

      In the end, players can be greedy in a game they love and if the price is right then even the richest might pay for their subscriptions on an account if it's more convenient and also saves them silver.

      Thoughts, ideas, and criticisms would be appreciated even if you think the system is just fine the way it is.
    • With the gold price continue to rise, increasing the advantage to the credit card buyer every single minute, you are greedy to ask for more.

      There are so many of these make x million silver per hour ideas being branded about, perhaps you will find success with one of them and make enough to pay for the other characters you have? You also have the option of doing a f2p on them.

      What if you buy premium with credit card for a second character every other month? You will be spending $15 for two characters.
    • I'm pretty certain that they are getting money even when players buy with silver, because the silver cost is based upon the current gold/silver rate - in fact, it wouldn't surprise me at all if behind the scenes you are buying gold with your silver (taking gold that was purchased with real world money off the market) and then immediately spending it to get the membership. So in a sense, others are paying for your membership with $$$ and then you are paying them silver to claim the membership on your account rather than someone else claiming the membership.
    • Any premium always paid with real money. Do not warry about SBI cashflow) When you buying premium with silver, it's automatically converted to gold via market. And gold taken out from the game. Buying years of premium via silver, and even stockpiling golg, indirectly support developers in long term. I personally have 10y premium on my main in that purpose))))
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