Gathering Spec & Material Weight

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    • Gathering Spec & Material Weight

      Hello mates :)

      I thought it would be a good idea to have gathering spec slowly decrease the weight of that specific material for you. (The higher you climb in spec for skinning t4 hides, the more t4 hides you can carry). I think this would be good thematically, and from a gameplay basis. Don't decrease the weight of the material by a huge margin, but very slowly as specialization is achieved. Maybe even set it to goal markers like 25/50/75/100 spec gives you a weight decrease to that item or something.

      1) You're more experienced at handling the material. While you might not be stronger, you know how to most efficiently carry it, better than most.
      2) Gatherers can stay out longer, and feel more rewarded for their efforts other than speed increase (speed increase makes them stay out for shorter periods, thus reducing content, anyhow).
      3) Good for gankers too, as a gatherer with more stuff on him is always better than less :D

      Is there something I've overlooked that would make this a horrible idea? Quite possibly. Let me know. Tell me what you think of this either way, please.
    • The higher ur gathering skills are the higher is the tier of the gear bag u get access which not only apply to the tier of the resourse u collect but it also reduces the weight in a higher %. Its fun how u try to convence the gankers by saying it would be better for them if u have more things on. I would repply to that saying, if u want to gather more u would need a ridding horse and if u want even more u would need to go on an ox which is much better for gankers.