Please make Arena more rewards, higher variety of rewards so more people do it.

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    • Please make Arena more rewards, higher variety of rewards so more people do it.

      Right now it's really hard to get into a match. I'm waiting on average 20 minutes before I get into a match, either single or as a group. Sometimes it's as bad as 30-40 minutes. It's disappointing the arena is so underused in this game because it's the only 5V5 action most of us in small guilds ever get.

      I think a main reason for this is the rewards just aren't that good. Hideout decorations that no one but you will see because no one wants to come to your island anyways. The two mount skins are the only worthwhile rewards. It'd be nice to see cosmetics with the new wardrobe update. Maybe some rare mounts (not just mount skins)? Rare weapons or capes, maybe?

      Also make arena sigils untradable so people can't just buy them with silver and buy all the cool rewards. People should have to actually grind and become arena veterans to get the cool stuff, not just spend a few million silver they got from buying gold with a credit card. That way arena mounts, cosmetics, items, and skins are something to be proud of, because others will know you earned them, that you didn't just swipe your credit card.

      Thanks for listening

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    • I told it year ago - make it possible to go arena even if you are not in city.

      • You afraid of gatherers in arena?
      • You afraid of noobs in trash builds?
      • You afraid of people who ruin arenas , with overweight or any other type of ruin ?

      Such people are already exists , it will not change globally arena experience in more worse way as it is now.

      On top of that -

      1. I suggest to make weekly reward for top 50 players. As reward it could be tomes of insights , or any other valuable things.