New Castle Timers

    • New Castle Timers

      I was a bit skeptical after they moved castle timers from 16 utc to 19 utc because it meant there was no early EU content at all anymore but I started to like it, because it meant you massed for warcamps, got to those warcamps and then just stayed in the map and started taking castles and outposts. Now you mass up for warcamps, demass afterwards and then mass again. Which leaves a maximum of 90 minutes in between those timers, probably less because you want to take additional time before taking a castle to scout maps and see if you can split zergs or if a castle is already a target by a bigger zerg. In these 90 minutes you are barely able to start a famefarm or HG group, it's simply wasted time.

      Now that we look at the population of Albion Online we can clearly see that there is way more players on EU timers than there is on NA. That's mostly because of the popularity in middle europe and russia which makes up more than 50% of the games' population.
      SBI is scaring away europeans from content by making it later and later. Remember, some of us need to go to school or work sometimes.

      The "EU" Castles now takes place at:
      :!: 10pm local time in middle europe (Germany,France,Spain,Italy,Poland,Scandinavia etc.)
      :!: 11pm local time in western russia

      In addition to the "NA" Castles, which on old timers where done by 23.30 utc were now moved all the way back to 1 utc.
      Just as a reminder, that's :!: 3am for middle europe and :!: 4am for western russia.

      Meanwhile the lower populated "NA" players (in addition to having the ping on their side, but that's a different topic) are now getting 2 castle timers. Early and Late NA Castles.