I lost to somebody diving me in a Solo because of a bug and it's killed my enthusiasm for the game.

    • I lost to somebody diving me in a Solo because of a bug and it's killed my enthusiasm for the game.

      I was in a dungeon, got downed because I messed up, somebody came in behind me and tried to flag up. I knew I could take them, I knew what their plan was, and I knew I had zero chance of losing so I stayed in the dungeon and waited for them to engage me which they shortly did. They trailed a few mobs of them, I instantly dashed in and blew all my cooldowns so they took heavy damage from the mobs and damage from me before they popped Assassin's Jacket. No problem, I had an invisibility potion on me, so all the mobs targeted me and I simply used my Invisibility Potion.

      Nothing happened. I drank the potion, it showed the little icon above my head, and the mobs all kept attacking me and so the guy ran back up to me and started attacking me. He had nothing to reveal invisibility on him, and there's no reason for that to have happened, but I died all the same.

      So I could have the best weapons and armor in the game and be the best player in the world and die because things don't work like they should. I haven't played since then.

      I'm not mad I got dove or anything, I had plenty of chances to escape but I knew I could take them and I theoretically did but I lost because literally nothing happened when I used one of the most expensive potions I could to counter what I knew they were going to do.

      It's probably my issue. I barely lost anything, I have literally dozens of the weapons and armors and capes I lost; but I see no reason to continue playing the game when this kind of garbage happens.
    • Midgard wrote:

      Yeah sure it is .. but to quit after what is essentially a very minor setback smacks of someone having super low resilience and life is tough. So no ... not harsh at all.
      We don't know how minor the setback is. He could have bought a gucci set for all we know.

      Point is, his discouragement with a bug in game that caused him to die and willingness to quit it does not directly correlate with real life choices.
    • @Midgard

      I didn't read the whole post, my bad it's late.

      I still feel for the OP though. When things don't work as expected though because of bugs it's extremely aggravating especially in a full loot pvp game like this. He has every reason to be suspect of the game's quality and his questioning of whether to continue to play or not.

      Just wait till you're transporting a full mammoth load and all of a sudden a random dungeon spawned on you and trapped you...

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    • OP did you put a poison or a dot on the ennemy (not mob) if it's the case then you got your answer.
      Or also the damage delay of ranged mobs that fucked you up. It's not a bug in the sense of you just got hit when the invis kicked in but honestly relying to use an invis pot while nearby mobs is quite something risky to do.

      Also Midgard is right. If this makes you giving up so easily then don't play the game or thoughen up
    • Similar thing happened to me. I was wearing a skip set making a transport from Martlock to Caerleon. I ran through the Eldon Hill war chest and someone attacked me. When I got closer to the Rock Adit entrance he dismounted me. I used the specter boots and his attacks were still hitting me, I used the assassin jacket and his attacks were still hitting me, finally I drank the invis potion, and yep you guessed it, his attacks were still hitting me. Once I zoned to Rock Adit, i remounted and finished my transport. Since I got away I didn't report it, plus I assumed it was delayed effects of a bleed or something, similar to what others have said here. Plus it happened in yellow zone, so I wasn't in any real danger.

      Sounds like the OP's pride was hurt more than anything. Suck it up, we all die in this game, and sometimes to a person we shouldn't have lost to. Shit happens.

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