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      Hello .... I tell you that since the day of August 12, 2019 I cannot enter the game. I press to start the game and a connection error message appears with the server. and reinstall the game and continue the problem. I tested it on the two PCs I use (home and business) and the same. message: "I failed to connect to the server. Try again later" and it returns me at the beginning of the session.
      Help please, I'm missing premium days.
      (Google translator)

      Hola.... les comento que desde el diar 12 de agosto de 2019 no puedo ingresar al juego. Aprieto en iniciar el juego y aparece un mensaje de error de coneccion con el servidor,. ya reinstale el juego y ccontinua el problema. Lo probe en las dos PC que uso (casa y negocio) y lo mismo. mensaje: "Fallo al conectarse al servidor. Intentelo mas tarde" y me regresa al inicio de sesion.
      Ayuda por favor , estoy perdiendo dias de premium.
      (google traductor)
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      It's me again!

      If you could go into the command prompt console, type in "ping" and send the results to me or @Mytherceria.

      Additionally, if you're on windows, you can also type in "ipconfig /flashdns" to clear your DNS Cache and see if it works then.

      EDIT: also please restart your router and then to the "ipconfig /flashdns" in the command prompt console.
      If that does not work, you can try to go into your network settings and set the DNS Server to

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