[EXPLOIT] Moving GvG times via false territory attacks

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  • [EXPLOIT] Moving GvG times via false territory attacks

    Hey everyone,

    With the beginning of Guild Season 7, we have consolidated GvG attack times. This was done in order to prevent a single team defending multiple territories per day. However, some players have been trying to circumvent this system via the following exploit:
    • First the territory is dropped by the guild
    • The territory is then claimed by a different (usually alt) guild, which is not part of the same alliance
    • A false attack is scheduled from that territory to another
    • This occupies the prime time attack slot of the territory
    • If a legitimate guild schedules an attack on the territory, the attack is then moved by an hour, which allows the same team to defend two territories

    Please note that as of this announcement, we consider this to be an exploit and abusing it will be sanctioned as such. If you see a guild abusing this mechanic, please file a report by writing to support@albiononline.com and provide any evidence you might have.

    Elsa & Dev Team