Bear Paw buff ideas

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    • Bear Paw buff ideas

      These ideas can be combined or applied seperately, just sharing my thoughts on this beautiful yet slightly underwhelming weapon.

      - Lower cooldown to match the DPM on halberd, which has a ridiculously low CD at 15s. Bear paw has a CD of 30s. Halberd also has the rending strike spread utility, making it a no-brainer pick over the bear paw at the moment. The mobility is of course nothing to laugh at but it clearly doesn't outweigh the DPS output on a halberd.

      - Give Bear Paw the same iframe as trinity spear while jumping.

      - Obviously, fix the damn redirection bug.

      - Straight up buff the true damage portion on the weapon OR make all of the damage true damage and tweak damage numbers accordingly.

      I think people really enjoy all of the artifact weapons but most are extremely underwhelming. It's not just axes either. The utility on e.g. black monk staff, staff of balance, tomb hammer, spirithunter to name a few are underwhelming and far inferior to their 'normal' peers.

      Normal weapons have never been this balanced before.(Even though there are still some exceptions of course)

      Fix artifacts as they give us the most fun.

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