CASUAL UNITED, what is it?

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  • CASUAL UNITED, what is it?

    we no longer fight alone!

    You might have seen the name drop, or seen us running past you during the alpha's.
    You might be a casual, solo or new player yourself and wonder if we are "yet another casual guild"
    No matter the reason, you are still reading. So let me tell you what we are about.

    How it started
    Before winter alpha, just like most of you, I was stranded looking for a game to enjoy. The "free to play" usually meant exactly the opposite.
    And here was a game ready to break the tradition of low difficulty, energy based, carebear games.
    But hardcore gamers where all the rage, I noted that guilds had harsh requirements that most casuals cant provide.
    So I started pondering, and came up with the following:

    I decided to spend my founders bonus very simple:
    I will buy an island, and create a guild, and support in on my own as good as I can.

    a guild with no other goal then to support casual gamers.
    do as you will, play when you want, support as little/much as you wish.

    Together with a small amount of players we headed towards trying this concept. We knew bloody well how hard this would be.
    you can read more about it here : a guild for casual solo players

    Then what happened?
    The unexpected.
    We went and survived the first week, then we thrived, then we grew bigger and bigger.
    The island had to be rebuild halfway because we became much bigger then expected.
    More and more people apparently where stuck playing solo, or feeling left behind because they where not able to play all the time.

    The goal was never to let this grow out of proportions. Being casual myself. But that is where we are now.
    Together with a student group of socio-logics, psychologist, historians and cooks (never underestimate the cooks) we started brainstorming about what it meant to be casual.
    And how guild foundations should be cast to make this guild run its self!

    So what was the result?
    Many fights, debates, coffee and cookies later we decided on some guidelines.

    There had to be no more then 5 laws. (study showed most people don't remember more then 4, gamers get to 7 easy... think about that)
    The laws had to be naturally accepted without need for explaining or doctrine. (if they fight the gamers nature, they create friction, friction is bad)
    It needs a currency that is not affected by the world around it. ( Casual United debate : Favor points )
    Participation effort should be minimal and easily achieved. (the requirements to join would thus be minimalism)
    The most precious resource should always be time. (because that is what most people don't have)

    Will it be enough? Will it work? Probably not... not yet!
    "Its not easy being green"
    you are no longer fighting alone

    Play as you want, when you want, no obligations, no tax : CASUAL UNITED, what is it?
  • So what resulted out of the guidelines?
    the laws, no more then 5. Based on those foundations are as follows:

    -Everyone can join, no requirements.
    -In order to receive rewards, guild members must have a home (not house) with a chest.
    -The base silver value of items (not market value) is also its favor value.
    -Players can exchange this favor for tasks or items with other guild members.
    -Forums, rule changes and priority's are never mandatory"

    On top of that, everything is based on these simple lines.
    "a king without people is a dude with a funny hat"
    sounds ok right?
    "a king is only as useful as the combination of its subjects then" king + (player x skill) = awesome
    "100 high-end subjects to a poor king, is better then 100 poor subjects to a powerful king" and if you let me, I will be the poor king.
    "it always costs to much time, if its not in game" one life that we know of, lets spend it doing something we like.

    If you like this idea, you know where to find me.
    The reason I wrote this down is that i'd like to know what other guilds think about this.
    you are no longer fighting alone

    Play as you want, when you want, no obligations, no tax : CASUAL UNITED, what is it?

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  • You no longer have to fight alone!

    So what kind of players are welcome?

    All kinds of players! Especially the ones that usually have no guild to begin with.
    let me explain, beginning with the most lonely players out there.

    The solo player :
    Because they are proud to be self-sufficient, family people, or just don't have a minute to chat. You know them.
    These players roam around, they have every skill needed to make whatever they need, but need luck to find a group.
    In time, they find someone in the same time zone to hook up with, but joining a guild is out of the question, they cant do the requirements.

    You no longer need luck! If you decide to join this guild, you can still do everything alone, or just give a shout and join up with another casual!
    How would you earn favor? By either donating the stuff you needed to grind, or joining up with raids, or providing food... or not at all! All good!

    The casual player
    So you have a life? Hard to combine with hardcore games right?
    So you have a powerful pc, but also a kid? Thus you play on a tablet most of the time?
    Did you start to lose hope on every guild recruitment with the line "for active players" or "must pay upkeep"?

    Every time you meet people, they progress much faster and you are left behind?
    I know how you feel. Solo play is the default now...or is it?

    It no longer is! If you decide to join this guild, most players will be in the same situation.
    You will be able to simply ask the guild to feed your buildings, or a group to do something.
    No matter if its for 30 hours straight, once a month or 30 minutes a day. There will always be support on your level.

    The new player
    You are not short on time, or happy on your own. And a lot of guilds have requirements you do not understand.
    You are the kind of player that owns most games, but needs some guiding in the beginning.
    Loyalty is somthing you carry in high esteem, but you have no idea what will suit you.

    Do not fear, we are here. You can join our guild, and avoid all the sell-buy recruiting spam of the general chat.
    Since we provide basic gear to everyone, you can either just try stuff yourself. Or we help you out.
    Once you have a feel for the game, and know what you want to do. Or what guild you'd like to join.
    We will gear you up with the style of your choice, give you provisions and if needed escort to your new guild.
    From then on its all up to you. We will even put up a good word for you to the guild of your choice.

    The altruists, who get more fun out of helping then PvP-ing.
    You are the person who is always first to answer questions. And to all's surprise, you answer correct!
    5 more minutes online, just to get that one player out of trouble.
    Who needs favor points? You'd do it anyway!

    Dps? Is that like Healing negative?

    You will be the backbone of this guild, the person to help new players. The player whom everyone respects.
    The one to handle the logistics of favor points, because you don't care about wealth anyway.
    No matter if you are like a lone hermit with wisdom provided if needed, or like maria theresa living withing the comunity.
    Players like you are a rare type, and hardly ever get the respect you deserve. But not in our guild!

    PvP stops the angry voices in my head, give me more!
    "Hardcore hu? Lets see if your core is harder then my hammer...", anger, rage, speed, power... no matter how much time you are given online.
    You love the thrill of the fight, and you realize every guild member is the difference between killing and getting killed.
    So you don't mind spending time to teach them, explain tactics, and conquer a couple castles while you're at it.

    You know the feeling, a good group. No need to explain things, they know. No need to ask for heals, its already there.
    But you need to join in at least 1 raid each week, 99% silver tax or more if they could, claiming your loot before you even got inside.

    Not in this guild! Everyone joins the raids they feel like, and the loot is yours!
    If you are in a group, send me a message. Time spend in groups while raiding or PvP-ing will grant you favor!
    Got a good result? Like conquer a territory, ganked a gatekeeper, raided a hell gate... more favor!
    No fear of losing gear in a risk. You will gain enough favor to just get whatever you'd like to try out of the guild treasury.
    you are no longer fighting alone

    Play as you want, when you want, no obligations, no tax : CASUAL UNITED, what is it?

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  • i recommend this guild for every casual (even non-casual) players, @Thorgal is a very friendly/active person who loves to help anybody (also you, newbies).

    even tho i'm currently not in thorgal's guild, i really belief this guild has great potential ! i'm expecting this guild to be a very polite/honest group of people, that will be respected and valued within their ranks and will grow nutorious and skilled well outside their territorial boundaries!
    ~The one and only
  • Astrakan wrote:

    I've read this post and it look very interesting, being a new player myself and after reading several posts, this one really helps.

    How do I join Thorgal?


    You just fulfilled all requirements by asking.
    I'l add you to the conversation for the guild and that's all there is to it.

    Just leave something on my wall or such so i dont forgeth once i'm home.
    you are no longer fighting alone

    Play as you want, when you want, no obligations, no tax : CASUAL UNITED, what is it?
  • To be honest, when I read about this in the previous alpha, I thought it would disband within a week. Good job @Thorgal it's always good to see people are interested in helping others instead of just trolling the forums/ingame chat.

    Keep it up!
    Grow a beard, they said. Become a man, they said. Don't burn my family and pillage my village, they said.