South African guilds from Thedford

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    • Hi There Therese

      Did you manage to find a guild as I would either like to join it or make an officially lekker South African Guild for new players wanting to progress faster and wanting to understand the game better.

      I am from JHB
    • I am in a guild but it is so small and no one really plays together. I would like to join a SA guild - timezones and all that. I don't know if many people play Albion in SA. I also play Diablo and they SA group has a FB page but I see in Albion there is only the main Albion page.. It would be great if we can get a SA guild together. Would you be prpared to be guild master?
    • ** Semi South African Based Guild **

      Welcome to Quarantine Questonians

      We hope that you all enjoy your stay here with us and become part of the [QQ] Family!!!

      TimeZone: GMT+2

      Based in Lymhurst & Martlock we have 2 Guild islands and are fast growing fast, we look for enthusiastic members ready for action!!!

      Guild Island Level 6/6

      What to expect:
      Active Discord
      5+ active players and growing
      Looking for More Active players
      Desire to learn and adapt
      Beginner friendly
      Promotions and rewards for those helping the guild.
      Active Guild Competitions for Premium Subscriptions
      Avalonian Dungeon Runs
      BZ Dungeon Runs
      Muture and Friendly Group
      2 friendly Guild Associations
      2 X Guild Islands in Lymhurst & Martlock

      100k PvP Fame
      5.0m PvE Fame
      Discord is mandatory
      Active members

      Coming up:
      BZ Territories
      Crystal League Crew builds

      :t1: English Guild
      :t2: Fun Growing Community
      :t3: Training and farming available
      :t4: Awesome Gear Assists
      :t5: Free Crafting Stations
      :t6: Low tax
      In-Game Name: RedbotSA
      Co-Founder of Quarantine Questonians Guild:

      Be Safe :thumbsup:
    • HI Guys

      So for all you new guys looking for a promising guild or future in the game and you are from where ever like for instance im from sa and im trying to requiruit more south africans into our guild aswell to have more people online in my time zone please note we do have a small joining require ment of 1m fame minimum because by then you would know if you are going to invest time in the game . The guild im part off is based in Fort sterling and we live in the black zone we have a ho there.we have many time zones in our guild like usa,canada,australian,south african .we run weekly events its not madatory todo them but it is benificial if you want to get better at the game as we run a wide varity of events from static dungoens to ava dungeons ganking trips brawling trips gathering events where you have a safe passage in the bz as you will have gankers to protect you to the best they posibly can .we are in a big alliance aswell which means we have certain areas in the bz thats is 80 percent safe .this post is not just for newbees all you ogs wanting an good guild you more than welcome to pm me aswell .

      So if you looking for a good and healthy guild thats is active around the clock dm me on albion on Dilhond in game and i will get back to you by 2000 my time which is 1800 utc in game

      I wish you all good luck with the game And next season.