Became a ''thief'' without knowing. :(

    • Became a ''thief'' without knowing. :(

      Hello everyone, me and 2 other friends are playing for a few days now. and we put our silver in the ''guild bank'' too have it protected. because we thought if you go to the redzone with lets say 500k and you die you lose it all. ( still dont know how this works ) but now. when my friends want to buy something i have to withdraw their money from the guild bank. and it says on my ''stats'' page. Guild silver balance - 2KK ~ roughly. i had no idea it worked like this. ( i can understand why with some of these 70 to 90% tax guilds ) i even made them Co-Owners and they still coulndt acces the guild bank account.

      can i remove this negative balance by adding silver in the guild bank? I dont mind that too be honest. i like the grinding and what not. so i gave my self a extra challenge without really knowing xD
    • Yes, your guild balance will go back up as you deposit silver. Simply deposit it, and then have them pull it out. If you give them the Treasury role (I believe it's called) they will be able to pull silver out of it. If they know this and want to help you out, they can even trade you silver, have you store it, and then have them pull it back out. It should balance all of you guys' silver balance's out.
    • They need to have Master of Coin Role. That will allow them to withdraw silver. However as @Amoebius76 said, you don't drop your silver when you get Knocked Down/Die The silver on the ground is generated by the game based on the repair cost of your gear and the loss of any resources that were lost when you died.
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    • Thanks for the amount of reply's i appricate it alot.

      ''I still don’t get the guild balance part. If he put in 2mill and took out less than 2mil his balance should still be positive. Unless he’s withdrew too much''
      i might have posted it wrong but it went like this.

      1. my friend put in around 3/4 mill in the guild bank.
      2. when he wanted to buy something i withdraw the money for him ( when the items has been bought he would deposit the money back to the guild again ) but now i know i can give him the title ''master of coin '' i thought giving both friends ''co-owners'' would give them the right to acces everything.
      3. we did this a couple of times since we both havent been playing for a year if not longer.
      4. i found out about this because i was looking at my stats page.

      anyways its not a big deal. im glad i found this out inbefore it went to -40KK xD
      im gonna spend a few days gathering hard and it should be gone already.

      once again thanks for the amount of replies and explanations everyone.
    • Guild Balance just shows who has withdrawn silver and how much. It also shows how much silver has been "Deposited' by players/how much in taxes they have paid to the guild. If you even have a tax set up.

      There is nothing wrong If you show a negative balance. All it does is show how much you took out from the guild account. You could always create a channel in your discord or an excel spreadsheet (google Docs so everyone has access) that shows who took out How much and why they took it out.
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