Been scammed in Albion Online

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    • Been scammed in Albion Online

      So, As it may seems, I am not lying, I have been scammed.
      Some guy called "Riven1" (IGN name) Came up to me, saying he's quitting the game and so he was completely naked at the time, no weapons no armor. he offered me a 500k duel, at first i declined and thought it was a fraud or something, but then I told myself he cannot change his gear when he's in combat. so I answered the request and he got his gear, and basically stole 500k from me. after some harrasment he just admitted he did it on purpose.
      FYI people i am not lying, I wouldn't even be here if it's not to help this game develop. And here I am, "The dumb guy who got scammed in freaking albion", Suggesting a few Extra really helpful tips to the devs out there,
      Please create some type of anti fraud, or scam rules, I am kinda new to this game, and it took me some time to make that money, and yes, sad to say but it almost made me quit, I hate to see someone else who will be affected from that, (Especially new players out there)
      I know that they are hard to enforce, but do have them. So if anything happens and someone has it on record make sure to ban him or something. because that's basically player abuse and scam, im sure you wont want ur community to scam each other.
      Hope it was helpful to anyone out there, please be careful, so many goddamn assholes out there.. Best of luck to everyone,