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      So I'm out gathering resources for my crafting. Swapping back and fourth between discord and my game. To save file size issues I'll just be copy/paste the story.
      Red test is my talking.
      blue is my friend.

      yeah if I can ever be lucky enough to find one again lmao
      also the highier your reputation is. the better chancs ya stand against pvp gankers in yellow and red zones.
      currently at rank of nobility and just looked at the shield under my avatar and turns out I get a boost of 6.9% for pvp in the area and another 6.9% for crowd control if its multiple gankers.

      Wow I didn’t know about that feature that can come in handy when crossing pvp areas

      Someone came out of a dungen right next to me... on a horse.. got off their horse.. AND STARTING SWAPING THEIR MODE TO PVP
      I had to gtfo of dodge on that one lmao
      sucked because there were a lot of resources in that section of the map I needed.

      God hahaha at least you were able to escape. Perfect timing on that person part though
      The game is just out for you today

      bruh for real.
      liek if he had been 1inch to the left of my screen I wouldnt have even seen him doing it and would have kept typing lmao
      but because it takes time to swap from passive to pvp it gave me the 3 seconds I need to run half way across the map doing zig zags lol went south and ended up on west side of map. when I was on the north east side originaly.

      Hahaha you were gone in only 3 seconds

      bruh I aint never seen this ox pick and go as fast as it did right then. he didnt wanna be in a fight either XD

      He picked up on your energy and and got the fuck out

      like really though. it didnt take no time at all and it started speeding off. where usualy it seems liek it takes forever.

      Might be a small passive in the game that made him speed up

      might be but still .... thats all I heard when it happened lol


      1inch over... I likely would have died... moral of the story. Situational Awareness is vital to survival. :P