Market Volume (chart/indicator)

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    • Market Volume (chart/indicator)

      I started playing Albion Online about a week or 2 ago and decided to become a trader. After a couple days of trading there is a glaring problem with the market. Volume.

      Volume is arguably the most important factor to consider when trading. If no one is buying, you can’t sell. No selling means no profits. Currently there is no way to know if something is liquid (can sell) or not. At this point in order to learn roughly what the volume is you need to throw money at potential items and hope they sell. If they don’t you just wasted both time and money.

      Just a simple number saying the average daily volume would be REALLY helpful. Even better would be a entire chart dedicated to it with several timeframes (Personally I liked AuBurnGG’s version of the volume chart “Average Volume in the market history window. “)