Cosmetic Skins for Buildings

    • Cosmetic Skins for Buildings

      I hereby come up with a proposal that appeared in a lively conversation within a TeamSpeak, thus being elaborated by several players.

      With the Skins coming into the game, we now have the possibility to go a little further with that and try to cover areas of the game where cosmetic can truly have an impact on the game.
      We all know that the game has many players who love their islands and for this very reason this list exists in the game:

      With this in the game many players even spend millions to make their islands unique and I believe that this NPC should exist in Guild Islands to encourage its use in these islands.

      But let's go to the suggestion part
      I propose that more cosmetic options be created for each building so players can buy as they buy any mount skin

      At this time the buildings have only one aspect for all players and in cities all buildings are the same. Taking advantage of the Skins system the proposal is to extend this to the buildings.
      If each house has several cosmetic options for the outdoors, players could choose other looks for their islands using the skins system.
      If each blacksmith, if each sawmill, if each kitchen or Mage tower has more options, the owners of the lots could give their city buildings another look to make their business stand out.

      This would create a more diverse visual effect and less monotone in the well-matched game would allow for another way to create a silver/golden sink.

      Imagine a theme with darker buildings, or buildings within the Hansel and Gretel theme, buildings made entirely of wood and others made of stone (peasants and royalty), buildings for Christmas, for Halloween and the like and players choosing which one they want to see on their islands and in cities as it would work like Skins.

      Open to more ideas. :thumbsup:
    • I like the idea. When the game fully opens up to Android and iOS mobile devices in the near future, personal islands may play a larger role specially when you have no access to a PC. You can do all the safe activities using a mobile device like farming, crafting, transporting goods, trading etc...

      I also propose the addition of other cosmetics like Pets, Island themes (like you mentioned here), Journals you can fill out and put entries in (for role-playing / added theme or atmosphere), Bookshelves, actual Beds and Tables that characters can interact with.

      To make this concept connect to the PVP nature of the game, I propose that these items are crafted from recipes found in the open-world. These recipes can have different tiers and rarities and can also be traded in the market place.
    • In 2016 I made a suggestion to make it appear in the game, intended solely to store books, with twice a chest slots.

      Evas_Flarelight wrote:

      Island theme
      • Islands in the sea of ice, snow covered for a more Fort Sterling theme
      • Marshy Islands for a Thetford Theme.
      • Islands where agriculture slots are in front and construction slots in other positions. (multiple layouts)
      • The option for players to be able to pay (gold) in order to trade the building and farming slots with each other.
      • Islands with 6 agriculture slots but no build slot (I believe these would be close to 50% of the game islands, now imagine what SBI wouldn't win with this skin)
      • HellGate team island with a sea of lava.
    • But that would be really interesting to have in the game. <3 <3 <3 I want these features in the game! <3 <3 <3 I would love to be able to give my islands another life that way. It would also be great if the game allowed to have unlimited decorations on the islands to be able to be placed in certain places without restrictions.

      <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 1000% Yes please! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3