Testserver Patch Notes - Percival Patch 2

    • After reading this i need to make some of my own points:

      It is actually good to prevent ZvZ power projection to consolidate ZvZ timers like Warcamps and Castles, it will force centralized ZvZ powers to spread their zergs alot more and Force them to pick the more important objective in ZvZ. It is essentially the same treatment that GvG got, you need to spreach your essential forces to objective you see as more important.

      As for the "mages are too hard" argument, how did you test it? I logged onto the testserver and mages arent up on testserver. Either you tested it on NDA or i dont understand how you can come to that conclusion.
    • Retroman wrote:

      Castle and Castle Outposts will score at the same time.

      These are the time slots for Castle and Castle Outpost scoring:

      Cluster TimeCastle Scoring
      1:00 UTC1:00 UTC
      4:00 UTC1:00 UTC
      16:00 UTC19:00 UTC
      20:00 UTC19:00 UTC


      Again you're forgetting the rest of the people that plays in the game.

      Why not add another time zone in there for the OCE and SEA time zone players? So the rest the guilds in these time zones have an ACTUAL CHANCE to get ATLEAST GOLD for next season ranks.
      Castle Scoring 2 hours before maintenance? Or maybe after?

      Its hard enough as it is to have a start a GvG team and have them staying up for a GvG earliest at 2am (16UTC) and 2pm (4UTC) - Australia.

      ---SEA and OCE timezones HAS;----
      NO GvG Timeslots
      NO Castle Outpost
      NO Crystal GvGs
      NO Castles.

      And here I am seeing EU and NA players complaining and arguing about 'being forced to pick a content' some where along the lines.

      Try creating content in an INTERNATIONAL GAME where it does NOT provide equal opportunity for the timezone BETWEEN 4 UTC And 16 UTC (12 hours - no content - no season points contribution)

      Feeling left out :(
    • i've been on the game since ss 3 till now !! I can understand that you guys focusing on the big pie cause of money issue . And i can understand that cause SEA arent munch back then ! But with the F2P Launch , YOu guys have drawned lots of SEA Players to the game !! Dont let it go to waste <3
    • It's a failure when U guys try to attracts new players GLOBALLY but do not take care care of them. I'm from SEA region and I see no content suitable with our region. Please change or add more time for GvG, Castles... which we can join. Waking up at 2 AM is not healthy at all :((((
    • Its not fake, you just havent heard from us on this forum until now. All past updates have been fine and we dont need to register to read the updates. However, the consolidated time events is quite serious for our community If you got the administration tool needed you will know that the account is active in game everyday but its never been registered on the forum, I know this because we are on the same discord., but I won't justify further , you can think what you want, we raise the voice to be heard by the devs, that is all
    • Regarding Siphoning Mages:

      After the playtest we made the following changes:
      Old version:
      • 1 - 3 players, 3 normal mobs per ice block, 1 ice block
      • 4 - 7 players, 3 veteran mobs per ice block, 2 ice blocks
      • 8+ players, 3 elite mobs per ice block, 3 ice blocks
      • 2 tornados
      Current version:
      • 1 - 3 players, 3 normal mobs per ice block, 1 ice block
      • 4 - 7 players, 3 normal mobs per ice block, 2 ice blocks
      • 8+ players, 3 veteran mobs per ice block, 3 ice blocks
      • summoned mobs are about 25% weaker than in the previous version
      • one tornado
      Energy is replenished for all players, attackers and defenders.
    • change timers back, players like myself from australia and Asia are unable to participate in any competitive play due to timers, we get no world bosses, no gvg, city fights, Crystal. It gets boring after a few months of playing when all you can do is FF, gather and bank. I will not be paying for premium anymore for access to half the amount of content NA and EU players get.